News for 2010-09-11

Saturday, September 11, 2010
Chamber of Commerce Accused of Tax Fraud
WASHINGTON - With a war chest rivaling that of the Republican Party itself, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has emerged in the last year as perhaps the Obama administration's most-well-financed rival on signature policy debates like health care and financial regulation.
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Nine Years, Two Wars, Hundreds of Thousands Dead – and Nothing Learnt
Did 9/11 make us all go mad? How fitting, in a weird, crazed way, that the apotheosis of that firestorm nine years ago should turn out to be a crackpot preacher threatening another firestorm with a Nazi-style book burning of the Koran. Or a would-be mosque two blocks from "ground zero" - as if 9/11...
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Barack Obama: 'No' to Solar Panels on the White House Roof
A quest to get Barack Obama to shout his commitment to solar power from the roof tops - by re-installing vintage solar panels at the White House - ended in disappointment for environmental campaigners today.
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