News for 2010-06-26

Saturday, June 26, 2010
Massive Rally Calls on G20 to Put People Ahead of Banks
TORONTO - - Ten thousand people marched against the G20 summit Saturday to protest for jobs and social causes, in a largely peacefully rally that saw nevertheless saw outbreaks of violence on its fringes. While the main body of the march was a well-marshaled event, led by older activists and...
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Tropical Storm Alex Threatens More U.S. Oil Spill Chaos
GRAND ISLE, Louisiana - The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season threatened on Saturday to veer toward the Gulf of Mexico within days, posing a new threat to containment and cleanup of the worst U.S. oil spill in history. Tropical Storm Alex does not currently threaten oil siphoning...
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Little Spent on Oil Spill Cleanup Technology
ON BARATARIA BAY, La. -- While oil companies have spent billions of dollars to drill deeper and farther out to sea, relatively little money and research have gone into finding new, improved ways to respond to oil spills in deepsea conditions like those in the Gulf of Mexico. Experts say the massive...
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Time to Give Wall Street the Axe, Say Progressive Groups
DETROIT - As heads of state from the Group of 20 (G20) most developed and economically powerful emerging nations meet in Toronto, Canada this weekend, some activists at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit are urging a more realistic look at the roots of the global economic crisis - and an end to the...
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Native Activist Takes Oil Sands Protest to Toronto
Clayton Thomas-Muller, a 34-year-old Cree activist who works for indigenous rights and environmental justice, says Alberta’s oil sands patch is killing native communities — culturally and literally. In town for Friday night’s G20-related Shout Out for Global Justice at Massey Hall, Thomas-Muller...
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Oliver Stone and Tariq Ali: South of the Border
Latin America has seen rapid changes over recent years, most significantly with the rise of left-leaning leaders who are willing to fight massive corporations and even stand up to the massive presence of the US in their countries. Director Oliver Stone decided to go to Venezuela to meet Chavez for...
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