News for 2010-06-19

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Gaza Convoy Activists Claim Israeli Soldiers Using Debit Cards Stolen in Raid
Israeli troops have been accused of stealing from activists arrested in the assault on the Gaza flotilla after confiscated debit cards belonging to activists were subsequently used. In their raid of 31 May , the Israeli army stormed the boats on the flotilla and, as well as money and goods destined...
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Photos a Leveller for Maids and Their Employers
SANTIAGO - Fifty pairs of women -- maids and their employers -- from Argentina, Chile and Colombia abandoned their daily routines to pose for photographs for a project about the hierarchical relationship that unites them. The photography exhibit "Lugar Común" (Common Place), by French-U.S...
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Toronto G20 Protest Hints at More to Come
TORONTO - Kicking off protests that will draw thousands to Toronto during two top-level summits next week, oil-smeared demonstrators urged Canada on Thursday to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and act against world poverty. The group paraded through Toronto's financial core with an outsized papier-...
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U.S. Testing Pain Ray in Afghanistan
The U.S. mission in Afghanistan centers around swaying locals to its side. And there's no better persuasion tool than an invisible pain ray that makes people feel like they're on fire.
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Obama Officials Still Approving Flawed Gulf Drilling Plans
WASHINGTON - Despite President Barack Obama's promises of better safeguards for offshore drilling, federal regulators continue to approve plans for oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico with minimal or no environmental analysis. The Department of Interior's Minerals Management Service has...
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World Opinion Condemns the US for a 'Savage' Execution
Around the world and across the US, the firing squad execution in Utah has been met with a wave of criticism from those entirely opposed to the death penalty and those who say that shooting is not the most humane method of killing a prisoner. In Salt Lake City, opponents held a multi-faith vigil. "...
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