News for 2010-03-21

Sunday, March 21, 2010
Tens of Thousands of Protesters Gather to Press for US Immigration Reform
WASHINGTON - Protesters from around the country gathered here Sunday for a march expected to draw tens of thousands of people to push Congress to move on a long-delayed immigration reform. Organizers hope the "March for America" will put immigration reform, which failed in Congress in 2006 and 2007...
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'Mass Hysteria' on Capitol Hill
Tea Party protesters disrupted Speaker Nancy Pelosi's press stakeout at a House Office Building, yelling "you're a disgrace to your office" and one protester yelled a gay epithet at Rep. Barney Frank again on Sunday, adding yet another layer of chaos to an already tense afternoon on Capitol Hill...
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36 States Take Aim to Block Healthcare Plan
(Photos taken at 'Tea Party' protest against health care reform on Capitol Hill, Saturday, March 20, 2010) WASHINGTON/CHICAGO - As the Congress once again rallies to pass healthcare reform legislation, momentum is growing in many states to pass laws to block the changes -- a move that could lead to...
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UN Chief Slams Israeli Blockade of the Gaza Strip
KHAN YUNIS, Gaza Strip - UN chief Ban Ki-moon slammed Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip saying it caused "unacceptable sufferings," during a visit Sunday to the Hamas-run coastal enclave. "I have repeatedly made it quite clear to Israel's leaders that the Israeli policy of closure is not...
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How the West Poisoned Bangladesh
Up to 20 million people in Bangladesh are at risk of suffering early deaths because of arsenic poisoning - the legacy of a well-intentioned but ill-planned water project that created a devastating public health catastrophe. Four decades after an internationally funded move to dig tube wells across...
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When Drug Makers' Profits Outweigh Penalties
Prosecutor Michael Loucks remembers clearly when attorneys for Pfizer, the world's largest drug company, looked across the table and promised it wouldn't break the law again. It was January 2004, and the lawyers were negotiating in a conference room on the ninth floor of the federal courthouse in...
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