News for 2010-03-07

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Global Climate Battle Plays Out in World Bank
WASHINGTON - The United States and Britain are threatening to withhold support for a $3.75 billion World Bank loan for a coal-fired plant in South Africa, expanding the battleground in the global debate over who should pay for clean energy. The opposition by the bank's two largest members has...
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How Food and Water Are Driving a 21st-Century African Land Grab
We turned off the main road to Awassa, talked our way past security guards and drove a mile across empty land before we found what will soon be Ethiopia's largest greenhouse. Nestling below an escarpment of the Rift Valley, the development is far from finished, but the plastic and steel structure...
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Left Gears Up to Fight Media Wars
From a glitzy new office in downtown Washington, the ideological war over the media is fully engaged. Six years after its founding to counter what it said was "conservative misinformation," Media Matters for America employs a staff of 70 that spends 19 hours a day monitoring newspapers, magazines,...
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Revealed: The Shocking Truth About Tasers
The smartly dressed sales executive travelling on the number 96 bus across Leeds didn't notice his body descending into a state of severe hypoglycaemia. He didn't have time to ask his fellow passengers for help, or press the bell. Instead he slumped back in his seat in a diabetic coma, his head...
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Water-Poor Australia Gets Pushed on Sewage-to-Tap Plan
Australian governments should immediately begin integrating recycled sewage into their drinking water plans, despite the severe water shortages of recent years easing in most capital cities. Speaking today at Australia's biggest annual water summit, one of the nation's top water officials will tell...
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Polls Close in Iraq Election
Polling stations have closed in Iraq's parliamentary election, in a vote marred by violence as a series of explosions left at least 38 people dead and 89 others wounded in the capital, Baghdad. Millions of people turned out to cast their ballots across the country on Sunday, for the second full...
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