News for 2010-03-06

Saturday, March 6, 2010
The Most Dangerous Man in America
Continuing with our Oscar theme, we bring you the second part of our conversation with whistleblower, anti-war activist, and documentary film subject Daniel Ellsberg. Since the 1960s, Ellsberg has been fighting to stop war and bring government secrets into the open, and he knows firsthand how much...
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Iraq in Lockdown on Poll Eve
For only the second time in their country's tangled modern history, Iraqis go to the polls today to elect a new government. But with more than 6200 candidates competing for 325 seats in the National Assembly, several months of political horse trading are expected to follow the vote before a ruling...
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Senate Debates Indefinite Detentions
NEW YORK - Civil liberties advocates and U.S. constitutional law scholars lost no time in condemning proposed legislation introduced in the Senate Thursday that would hand the government the power to indefinitely detain terrorism suspects without charge and to conduct trials through military...
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Ill. Judge Won't Toss Torture Suit Naming Rumsfeld
CHICAGO - A federal judge refused Friday to dismiss a civil lawsuit accusing former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld of responsibility for the alleged torture by U.S. forces of two Americans who worked for an Iraqi contracting firm. U.S. District Judge Wayne R. Andersen's ruling did not say the...
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Chagossians Fight for a Home in Paradise
If ever there was an oceanic treasure worthy of conservation, the Chagos archipelago, with its crystal-clear waters and jewelled reefs, is it.
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US Concerned Over Blackwater's Work in Afghanistan
WASHINGTON - US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is concerned about possible misconduct in Afghanistan by the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater and has promised to review the issue, the Pentagon said. Gates made the pledge to lawmakers after receiving a letter from Carl Levin, the...
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