News for 2009-11-01

Sunday, November 1, 2009
How Detroit, the Motor City, Turned Into a Ghost Town
Try telling Brother Jerry Smith that the recession in America has ended. As scores of people queued up last week at the soup kitchen which the Capuchin friar helps run in Detroit, the celebrations on Wall Street in New York seemed from another world. The hungry and needy come from miles around to...
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Chile: Old Soldiers Ready to Tell Secrets of Coup
SANTIAGO, Chile — Hundreds of former military draftees are making a provocative offer to Chile's government: They will reveal details of crimes committed by Gen. Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship — but only if their safety is guaranteed. The draftees fear that if they reveal where the bodies are...
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What Lies Beneath the Rainforest
The tropical rainforest in the eastern lowlands of Ecuador assaults the senses: the sunlight dazzles the eyes, the heat is so fierce that within seconds one's clothes are soaked in sweat. Then there are the sounds: a hypnotic symphony of frogs, crickets and other insects and birds which continues...
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Afghanistan Poll Chaos as Abdullah Quits Run-Off
President Karzai's opponent in Saturday's presidential election run-off pulled out of the race today in protest over the Afghanistan Government's refusal to meet his demands to tackle the massive fraud that tainted the first round in August. Abdullah Abdullah stopped short of calling for his...
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Chomsky: Far-Right Threat Is No Joke
Noam Chomsky, the world's leading dissident intellectual, has warned the grievances exploited by far-right extremists need to be taken seriously by their left-wing opponents. Speaking at the annual Amnesty International lecture in Belfast, Professor Chomsky noted: "There is now a mass of people...
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