News for 2009-08-23

Sunday, August 23, 2009
Native Americans to Join London Climate Camp Protest over Tar Sands
Native Americans are to join the Climate Camp protests in the City of London this week in an attempt to draw attention to corporate Britain's "criminal" involvement in the tar sands of Canada. Five representatives from the Cree First Nations are coming to co-ordinate their campaign against key...
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Obama's War
As a candidate for the US presidency, Barack Obama staked much of his his campaign on the claim that the war in Iraq was a distraction from the "good war" against the Taliban in Afghanistan. But as the new president attempts to turn his pledges into action, US troops in Afghanistan currently seem...
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Reports: US Military to Give Red Cross Names of Terror Suspects
The US military has begun notifying the Red Cross of the identities of terror suspects being held at camps in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to US media. The change in military policy took effect early this month with no public announcement, the New York Times reported, quoting unnamed officials...
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US Air Force Prepares Drones to End Era of Fighter Pilots
As part of an expanding programme of battlefield automation, the US Air Force has said it is now training more drone operators than fighter and bomber pilots and signalled the end of the era of the fighter pilot is in sight. In a controversial shift in military thinking - one encouraged by the now-...
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Could Afghanistan Become Obama’s Vietnam?
WASHINGTON - President Obama had not even taken office before supporters were etching his likeness onto Mount Rushmore as another Abraham Lincoln or the second coming of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Yet what if they got the wrong predecessor? What if Mr. Obama is fated to be another Lyndon B. Johnson...
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