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October 2007

Wednesday, October 31

  • Thousands of Kids Will Give Chocolates Back Tonight, With a Message
  • Americans Oppose Media Market Concentration: Survey
  • SOA Protest Draws Scant Support From Candidates
  • Monkeys, Apes Teeter On Brink of Extinction
  • Military Supplier Is Charged With Fraud
  • US Military Ignored Evidence of Iraqi-Made EFPs
  • 'Non-Lethal Weapons' Tackle Protests Against Globalization
  • Another Way The Rich Are Different: 'Concierge-Level' Fire Protection
  • State Department Under Fire Over Reported Blackwater Immunity
  • UN Spurns Cuba Embargo for 17th Year
  • Tamping the Flames of War With Iran

    Tuesday, October 30

  • New York May Join Crackdown On Plastic Bags
  • Ignoring Nature, We Build Our Way Into Fire's Path
  • When Blackwater Kills, No Questions Asked
  • Gendercide at Apocalyptic Levels - Experts
  • Israel's Decision To Cut Power In Gaza Is Illegal, says UN
  • On Torture, 2 Messages and a High Political Cost
  • UN: Try or Release Enemy Combatants
  • US Resisting Ban on Cluster Bombs

    Monday, October 29

  • Rumsfeld Charged with Torture in French Court
  • Lawyer Group Wants Executions Frozen
  • Resurgence of Nooses Reminds African Americans of Past Horrors
  • Study: Media Focused On Tactics Not Issues
  • Indian 'Slave' Children Found Making Low-Cost Clothes Destined For Gap
  • Green Housing Not Just for the Rich
  • Desmond Tutu Likens Israeli Actions to Apartheid
  • Protests Targeted War Funding

    Sunday, October 28

  • Thousands Protest Iraq War Across US
  • India's Poorest March on Capital for Land Rights
  • Darfur Peace Talks Go Ahead Without Crucial Leaders
  • Great Lakes Key Front in Water Wars
  • An Autumn Without Apples

    Saturday, October 27

  • In Turkey, Pressure Builds to Attack Iraq
  • Putin: US Risks New Cuban Missile Crisis
  • We Must Bomb Iran, Says US Republican Guru
  • For a Devotee of Solar Energy, a Shot at Earning Respect
  • Darfur Peace Talks Will Fail, Says Rebel Leader
  • Canadian Protesters Stranded in DC
  • Guantanamo Military Lawyer Breaks Ranks to Condemn 'Unconscionable' Detention

    Friday, October 26

  • Ex-Marine, Top Analyst Calls For Humane Foreign Policy
  • FEMA Meets the Press, Which Happens to Be . . . FEMA
  • The Edge of Oblivion: Conservationists Name 25 Primates about To Disappear
  • Monkeys, Apes Teeter On Brink of Extinction
  • Military Supplier Is Charged With Fraud
  • US Military Ignored Evidence of Iraqi-Made EFPs
  • 'Non-Lethal Weapons' Tackle Protests Against Globalization
  • Another Way The Rich Are Different: 'Concierge-Level' Fire Protection
  • US Ignores Angry Reaction To Secret Poppy Spraying Test
  • Rights Groups File French Torture Case vs Rumsfeld
  • The World of Private 'Security': Unleashed: The Fat Cats of War

    Thursday, October 25

  • Earth Is Reaching The Point of No Return, Says Major UN Environment Report
  • Updated: US Peace Activist, Retired Col. Ann Wright, Detained at Ottawa Airport
  • Rice Admits US Erred in Deportation, But Offers No Apology For Rendition
  • Iraq Determined to Expel Blackwater USA
  • Wars Could Cost $2.4 Trillion Over Decade, Analysis Says
  • White House Admits Redactions On Testimony: Some Senators Want Answers
  • Actors, Musicians Urge New Approach on AIDS
  • New Steps by US Against Iranians
  • Probe Finds Taser Use on Student Was OK
  • Israel Approves Gaza Power Cuts

    Wednesday, October 24

  • Protester Waves Blood-Colored Hands in Rice's Face
  • Mother Nature's Revenge Against Human Development
  • Warming Could Wipe Out Half of All Species
  • Ex-Attorney General Says Politics Drove Federal Prosecution
  • Peace Activists to Retest Border Policy
  • Twelve Years and Counting for Burma's Suu Kyi
  • White House 'Eviscerated' CDC Testimony Regarding Climate Change and Health

    Tuesday, October 23

  • Bush Says Missile Defense 'Urgent' In Europe
  • Kucinich Pushes Bush Impeachment
  • State Dept. Suspends Iraq Audit of DynCorp
  • Iraqis Weigh Limits On US Military
  • US Prosecution of Muslim Group Ends in Mistrial
  • Congressman: Blackwater Evaded Federal Income Taxes
  • Paraguay: Environmentalists Up in Arms Over Mega-Port
  • Colombia: Foreign Firms Cash in on Generous Mining Code
  • NATO Force Looks Into Claims of Afghan Civilian Casualties
  • Coal Power Opponents Get New Weapon From Kansas
  • Chertoff Exempts Fence: National Security Trumps Environmental Concern For San Pedro River
  • White House May Stop Plan For Anti-Radiation Pills
  • 'No Nukes' Rockers Renew Fight Decades Later

    Monday, October 22

  • Bush Asks For Another $189 Billion To Fund His Wars
  • 60 Arrested Near Capitol At 'No War No Warming' Protests
  • Afghanistan Seeks Review of Herbicides in Poppy War
  • Children Detach From Natural World As They Explore The Virtual One
  • Iraq Says Civilians Killed In US Raid
  • Steep Decline In Oil Production Brings Risk of War and Unrest, Says New Study

    Sunday, October 21

  • Fears That Seas Soak Up Less Greenhouse Gas
  • Cheney Calls Iran an Obstacle to Peace
  • World Religious Leaders Kick Off Peace Summit in Naples
  • Latin American Women Rise in Nations Long Dominated by Men
  • Philadelphia Peace-Keeping Rally Draws Throngs of Volunteers
  • Seven Protesters Arrested at Blackwater's Headquarters
  • Syria Shuts Main Exit From War for Iraqis
  • World Bank Protesters Hit The Streets In Washington

    Saturday, October 20

  • In Memoir, Ex-Spy Tells Her Side of CIA Leak Case
  • California To Sue Bush Administration Over Law To Limit Emissions
  • Wiretapping Compromise Was Months in the Making
  • Homeless Vets Play the Waiting Game
  • Biofuels - Great Green Hope or Swindle
  • Iraqis Who Fled Homes In Fear Face New Terror As Turkey Targets PKK Rebels
  • Fans Across World Shocked and Saddened Over Reggae Star Shooting
  • Oceans Are 'Soaking Up Less CO2'
  • Two Marines Face Haditha Courts-Martial

    Friday, October 19

  • Military Resistance Forced Shift on Iran Strike
  • Millions Stand Against Poverty in 24-Hour Global Rally
  • Canadian Victim Testifies About US Extraordinary Rendition
  • Bhutto: 'I Know Exactly Who Wants To Kill Me'
  • Five Million Burmese Are Going Hungry, Warns UN
  • Clinton Bucks The Trend and Rakes in Cash From The US Weapons Industry
  • House Sustains President's Veto on Child Health

    Thursday, October 18

  • Bleak US "Report Card" Finds Warming Arctic
  • Code Pink Stands Firm At Berkeley Recruiting Station
  • Siege of Amazon Greenpeace Activists Ends
  • Gay-Rights Milestone Draws Transgender Activists' Outcry
  • After Comments, US Terror Chief Resigns
  • Genocide Case For Bolivia Ex-Head
  • UN: Private Military Recruiting Booming
  • Economic Costs of Climate Change 'Will Affect Every American'
  • Green Groups Condemn UK's Claim in Antarctica
  • Democrats Caving To Bush: Agree On Terms of Spying Bill

    Wednesday, October 17

  • Priests Protesting Torture at Fort Huachuca Jailed for Justice
  • Amazon Loggers Hold Activists Captive
  • Parliament in Turkey Votes to Allow Iraq Incursion
  • Wildlife At Border May Lose Sanctuary
  • Indigenous People See Common Ground in Struggles
  • Women: The Missing Piece of the Poverty Puzzle
  • Public Radio Station Halts Planned Parenthood Spots
  • Going The Distance: Food Miles and Global Warming
  • Dems Look To Grill Mukasey
  • Dalai Lama Pooh-Poohs China Ire Over His Meeting Bush
  • Amnesty Int'l Slams Lebanon For Plight of Palestinian Refugees

    Tuesday, October 16

  • Iraqi Adviser: Blackwater Guards Must Go
  • UN Accused of Undermining Palestinian State
  • Verizon Says It Turned Over Data Without Court Orders
  • A Nationwide Toxic Toy Ban Likely to Follow State Lead
  • Gates Says All Options On Table For Iran
  • A Look At Cheney's Relentless Pursuit of Executive Power
  • Conflict Takes Deadly Toll on Journalists, Especially Those From Iraq
  • HIV Treatment 'Failing' in Africa

    Monday, October 15

  • Envoy Urges UN To Quit Mideast Mediating Group
  • Argentina: Torture Center To Bear Witness
  • Could Afghan Poppies Be Painkillers for the Poor?
  • ACLU: Pentagon, FBI Misusing Secret Info Requests
  • WMD Chaser, Scott Ritter, Spreads Anti-War Advice
  • America's Own Unlawful Combatants?
  • What 'Safe' Cluster Bombs Do In Lebanon
  • Palestinians Prepare to Stand Up for What Matters

    Sunday, October 14

  • Guns Take Pride of Place in US Family Values
  • Maternal Mortality Shames Superpower US
  • Groups on Left, Right Ask Candidates to Reject Bush's Wider Powers
  • Gore's Nobel Win Greeted With Cheers by Europeans
  • Clinton, Looking Forward To General Election, Votes Like A Hawk
  • Nobel Peace Prize Ups Pressure For Climate Action
  • Gore's Nobel Win Greeted With Cheers by Europeans

    Saturday, October 13

  • US Covering Up Iraqi Corruption: Lawmakers
  • Al Gore Looks Ahead From Nobel Heights: Statesmanship or Politics?
  • Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is 'a Nightmare'

    Friday, October 12

  • Gay Rights Champ Rep. Barney Frank Lashes Out At Critics
  • US Income Gap Widens, Richest Share Hits Record
  • Miami OK's Payout to FTAA Protesters
  • Rumsfeld Debate Heats Up At Stanford
  • China: Three Gorges Dam May Displace Millions More
  • US Rights Group Sues Blackwater
  • US Strike Kills Women and Children
  • Guarded Optimism for Moratorium Vote
  • Anti-Poverty Index Scores US Last on Environment Policies
  • Gore Wins the Norwegian Primary

    Thursday, October 11

  • Generals, War Correspondents Promote Treaty on Small Arms
  • Palestinian Takes On UK In Court
  • US Military and Iraqis Say They Are Shut Out of Inquiry
  • Stemming The Trickle-Up Effect: Finding Alternative Economies
  • Turkey May Request Incursion Into Iraq
  • Bush and Congress Dispute Armenian 'Genocide' Status
  • Greenpeace Tracks Whales As Japan Plans Hunt
  • Only Now, The Full Horror of Burmese Junta's Repression of Monks Emerges
  • Nobel Rumors Energize Groups Hoping To Draft Gore
  • Jimmy Carter: US Tortures Prisoners

    Wednesday, October 10

  • Tenn. School Fight Over 'Jena 6' T-Shirt
  • Activists Call For Arms Trade Treaty at UN
  • Costa Ricans Back CAFTA in Referendum But Opposition Refuses to Recognize Result
  • Doors Closing on Displaced Iraqis
  • Argentine Court Convicts Priest of Complicity in 'Dirty War' Deaths
  • New IMF Chief Urged to Reform Body to Help Poor
  • 2 Iraqi Women Killed in Shooting by Security Convoy
  • 'Run Granny Run': New Documentary Depicts 94 Year Old's Senate Run
  • ACLU Tries to Prevent Deportee Druggings
  • Nobel Win 'Would Boost Hopes of Gore Candidacy'
  • Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs

    Tuesday, October 9

  • Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case of German Allegedly Abducted by CIA
  • A Revolutionary Icon, and Now, a Bikini
  • US Considered Radiological Weapon
  • Greenpeace: Genetically Altered Rice in Budweiser
  • Obama and Edwards Target Clinton on Iran Vote
  • ACLU, Lawmakers Press Pentagon On Killings of Iraqis
  • Scientist: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Hit Danger Mark Sooner Then Expected
  • Democrats Seem Ready to Extend Wiretap Powers

    Monday, October 8

  • Italians March for Peace
  • Clinton's Iran Vote Prompts A Harsh Back-and-Forth
  • Blackwater Shootings 'Murder,' Iraq Says
  • Homeless Families on the Rise, with No End in Sight
  • Che Guevara Honored on 40th Anniversary of Death
  • Protesters Grow Frustrated as War Wears On
  • Iraqi Guard's Widow Reports No Compensation
  • 'State Secrets' Case May Get Airing

    Sunday, October 7

  • Dubai Police Chief Warns Against Western Attack on Iran
  • EPA Refused to Warn of Asbestos Dangers; Millions of Homeowners at Risk
  • Pelosi Says US Appears Guilty of Torture

    Saturday, October 6

  • Three Iraqs Worse Than One?
  • Clinton Strategist Represents Blackwater

    Friday, October 5

  • Climate Change and Entire Landscapes on the Move
  • Amid Hate and Conflict Hope Flowers For West Bank School
  • Climate Activists Tipped For Peace Prize
  • Obama Stops Wearing Flag Pin
  • McCoffees Help Fuel Ethical Trade Boom
  • New 'Positive Change' Magazines Thrive In Fertile Bay Area Soil
  • White House On Defensive Over Torture Memos
  • Executions On Hold Across US
  • Iraq Struggles With Cholera Outbreak

    Thursday, October 4

  • Families Brace for SCHIP Demise
  • Sighting of Amazon Group Bolsters Environmentalist Case
  • Aussies Lose Confidence In The US and George W. Bush
  • Gorbachev: US 'Victory Complex' Is Costly, Prevents More Peaceful World
  • US Wants to Bring Colombia Tactics to Afghan Drug War
  • Amnesty Lists Horrors of US Executions
  • Blackwater Project Foes Hope For Backlash
  • Code Pink Finds Marine Recruiters In Berkeley - Protests Begin
  • Secret US Endorsement of Severe Interrogations
  • Chevron's Links to Burma Stir Critics to Demand It Pull Out
  • Minnesota College Bans Nobel Laureate Tutu From Talk On Peace and Justice

    Wednesday, October 3

  • 'Howl' Too Hot To Hear: 50 Years After Poem Ruled Not Obscene, Radio Fears To Air It
  • Venezuela Defends Iran, Blasts 'Hypocritical' US Policy On Terror
  • US Protests Shrink While Anti-War Sentiment Grows
  • Abu Ghraib Prisoners Accuse US Companies of Torture
  • Ex-White House Lawyer Speaks of 'Legal Mess' of Illegal Spying
  • More Schools Are Riding An Eco-Friendly Green Wave
  • Soldiers Hunt Dissidents in Myanmar
  • New Details In The Blackwater Shootings Don't Mesh With Firm's Version
  • Israel Says It Bombed Syria, But Still Won't Say Why
  • Citigroup, Bank of America Raked Over Coal

    Tuesday, October 2

  • 'I hate All Iranians,' US Aide Tells British MPs
  • US House Democrats Seek January 2009 Iraq Pullout
  • Gay Rights Groups Angered by Weaker Antidiscrimination Bill
  • Report: State Dept., Blackwater Cooperated To Neutralize Killings
  • U.N.: Violence In Afghanistan Up Almost 25 Percent In '07
  • Court Reverses Bush On Archive Secrecy
  • Poor Suffer Most from Crime and Disasters, Says UN
  • In Oregon, 'Impeach' Is Not Just A Bumper Sticker
  • Supreme Court Denies Hearing For Fired 'Honk For Peace' Teacher
  • Most in Poll Want War Funding Cut
  • Obama to Urge Elimination of World's Nuclear Weapons

    Monday, October 1

  • Poll: Most Israelis Support Using Nukes
  • Burma: British Paper Reporting 'Thousands Are Dead'
  • Ecuadoran President Celebrates Victory After Reform Vote
  • Arrests On Last Day of Faslane Nuclear Protest
  • US Is Top Arms Seller to Developing World
  • A Divided Iraq Unites Against Partition Plan
  • Deforestation Needs To Be In Next Climate Pact

    September 2007




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