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November 2007

Friday, November 30

  • US War Vets to Speak Publicly About War Crimes
  • HIV/AIDS: Racism, Gov’t Apathy Fuel US Epidemic
  • Biden: Impeachment if Bush Bombs Iran
  • Former Midnight Oil Rocker Named Australia’s Environment Minister
  • Iraq: A Tenuous ‘Peace’ in Al-Anbar
  • Texas Science Curriculum Director Resigns, Says Creationism Politics To Blame
  • Blackwater’s Western Expansion Runs Into Local Resistance
  • Panel Rebuffs White House Privilege Claim
  • Kansas Rejection of Coal Plant Fires Up Backlash

    Thursday, November 29

  • Asia Faces “Unprecedented” Water Crisis
  • Judge Calls for Data on Telecom Lobby
  • A Fifth of UN Carbon Credits May Be Bogus
  • Consensus Against Neoliberal Washington Consensus
  • A Fund-Raising Rainmaker Arises Online
  • Probes Find Interference, Bias by Former Interior official
  • EPA Is Sued by 12 States Over Reports on Chemicals
  • Mileage Figures Go Downhill For 2008
  • Klein: In War on Terror, Are You Next?

    Wednesday, November 28

  • Washington Teachers Under Fire For War Protest Participation
  • Afghans: US Airstrikes Kill 14 Workers
  • Bill Clinton Flatly Asserts He Opposed War at Start
  • Democrats’ Health Plans Echo Nixon’s Failed GOP Proposal
  • Report: VA’s Performance on Benefits Slips Or Is Unchanged
  • Much Ado About Annapolis
  • Does the Media Incite Religious Tensions?
  • Civil Libertarians Warn of ‘Patriot Act Lite’
  • Reporters Say Baghdad Too Dangerous Despite Surge

    Tuesday, November 27

  • Fair Trade Labels Ensure Returns For Farmers
  • Petraeus Sought to Prevent Release of Iranians
  • Bush Commits Troops to Iraq For The long Term
  • Justices Uphold Welfare Home Searches
  • Clinton’s ‘Fiscal Responsibility’ A Sham, Critics Say
  • Seven Killed by American Fire As Iraq Lets US Troops Stay
  • Political Hacks Find Ascendency In Bush’s Iraq
  • Gaza Fears Israeli Push to Smash Hamas
  • World Must Fix Climate In Less Than 10 Years: UN
  • Presidential Hopeful Pushes Impeachment At Dartmouth Forum

    Monday, November 26

  • Bush’s Nuclear ‘Reprocessing’ Plan Under Fire
  • Pressure for Results: The Politics of Tallying the Number of Iraqis Who Return Home
  • Study: Kids Will Eat Healthy School Food
  • Groups Will Use Holocaust Day To Highlight Mass Murder in Darfur
  • Minorities Hit Hardest by Housing Crisis
  • Global Campaign Vows to Fight Corporate Drug Monopoly

    Sunday, November 25

  • UN: Tasers Are A Form Of Torture
  • Disasters Quadruple Over Last 20 Years: Oxfam
  • Archbishop’s Assault On US Foreign Policy

    Saturday, November 24

  • Vermonters Help Ease Life on the Outside
  • The World Continues to Look Away. Don’t.
  • ‘US Politics Turning Communities Against Each Other’
  • COMMONWEALTH: ‘Get Rid of Your Agricultural Subsidies’ - McKinnon
  • Dog’s Best friend: Willie Nelson
  • The New Key Question: How Happy Are You?
  • Political Crisis Deepens in Lebanon
  • Australia’s Opposition Leader Rudd Wins Landslide Election Victory

    Friday, November 23

  • Eco-Friendly Consumption? Critics Don’t Buy It
  • Democrats’ Bill on Iraq Wouldn’t End War for Decades
  • ‘Body of War’: Unsold Iraq Film Could Be Oscar Contender

    Thursday, November 22

  • Fighting Fractures Families in Somalia
  • Afghanistan ‘Falling into Hands of Taliban’
  • Saudis and Libyans Top Foreign Fighters in Iraq: Report
  • History Shows Climate Changes Led to Famine and War
  • Plight of the Huddled Masses: A Hard Time for Thanksgiving

    Wednesday, November 21

  • Clean Energy’s Best-Kept Secret: Waste Heat Recovery
  • US Labor Activists Petition to Stop Free Trade Push
  • Border Fence Work Raises Environmental Concerns
  • Birth Control Crisis Hits Colleges
  • Former Press Secretary Blames Bush, Cheney for Misstatement About Leak
  • Students Wear Confederate Flag Shirts To Oppose Peace-Shirt Group
  • Group: Churches Sell Sweatshop Crosses
  • Annapolis Watchers Fear Zero-Sum Game
  • Palestine Protests Biased UN Reporting

    Tuesday, November 20

  • Paper Cranes Fly For Peace 62 Years After Hiroshima
  • Protesters Arrested at Gonzales Speech
  • US War Contracts Top $25 Billion: Study
  • SF Program Recycles Restaurants’ Cooking Oil For Use As Fuel
  • Fallujah Now Under a Different Kind of Siege
  • California Sues 20 Companies For Toys With Unlawful Amounts of Lead
  • FBI Says Hate Crimes Rose 7.8 Percent In ‘06
  • Greens and Governments Condemn Whale Hunt
  • Too Much Aid to Afghanistan Wasted, Oxfam Says
  • Emergency Brakes Needed to Stop Climate Crash
  • Israel’s Syrian Airstrike Was Aimed at Iran
  • Massive Sweep Creates Havoc for Workers’ Families
  • Soldier Decries AWOL Arrest at Hospital

    Monday, November 19

  • Oil Leaders’ Private Debate Televised by Mistake
  • Greenpeace Slams ‘Unsustainable’ New Tuna Quota
  • Bombed, Banned, and Ridiculed - But Al-Jazeera Goes English and Hits 100 Million Homes
  • Prison System a Costly and Harmful Failure: Report
  • Some Cleared Guantanamo Inmates Stay in Custody
  • The Most Dangerous War in The History of Journalism
  • War on Terrorism Leads to Rights Abuses: Watchdog

    Sunday, November 18

  • America “Recycle’s” Electronic Waste Overseas
  • Hundreds Rally in Olympia to Back Port Demonstrators
  • Thousands Protest U.S. Army’s “School of Torture, Murder”
  • ‘Safe’ Uranium That Left a Town Contaminated
  • A World Dying, but Can We Unite to Save It?

    Saturday, November 17

  • Brothers, Bad Blood and the Blackwater Tangle

    Friday, November 16

  • Israel’s Economic Blockade Stops Gaza’s Strawberry-Farmers Selling Their Crop
  • Police Arrest 3 In Scuffle with Berkeley Tree-Sitters, Supporters
  • No Easy Answers to Pakistan Crisis
  • Hunger Stalks World’s Wealthiest Country
  • Panel Drops Immunity From Eavesdropping Bill
  • Video of Taser Death in Canada Sparks Probe
  • China Powers Ahead on Renewable Energy
  • Truck, SUV Mileage Standards Thrown Out by US Appeals Court
  • Biofuels Bonanza Facing ‘Crash’
  • Sudan: Civilians Driven Into Camps, Then the Bush
  • Red Cross Monitors Barred From Guantánamo
  • US Power Company Linked to Bush Is Named in Database As a Top Polluter
  • US Deserters Lose Bid for Canada Refugee Status

    Thursday, November 15

  • ‘Green Mortgages’ Taking Root
  • US Tribal Allies in Iraq Angry Over Airstrikes
  • North American Flora Can’t Absorb Continent’s Greenhouse Gas Output
  • Greenpeace Blocks Shipment of Indonesian Palm Oil
  • Rendition Victim Appeals Ruling Barring Suit
  • The Big Thirst: The Great American Water Crisis
  • America and The World’s Executioners Join Efforts to Block UN Moves to End Death Penalty
  • No Free Ride for Mega-Rich Heirs, Billionaire Urges
  • Greenhouse Gases Rising Faster Than UN Forecasts: Report
  • Imran Khan’s Message to UK: ‘My Life Is In Danger’
  • Researchers Name the World’s Dirtiest Power Plants, Introduce Website
  • Chiquita Sued In NY Over Killings In Colombia

    Thursday, November 14

  • Anti-Bush Sign Has Bridge World in an Uproar
  • Pakistan’s Khan To Face Anti-Terror Charges
  • Sentenced To Death For Crimes They Did Not Commit: The Men Who Lived To Tell The Tale
  • Top Democrats Balk on Contempt Resolutions
  • CIA Admits to Recording Interrogations of Top al Qaida Captives
  • Outrage in a Time of Apathy
  • Ruling Restores Sonar Ban Off Coast
  • FBI Says Guards Killed 14 Iraqis Without Cause
  • FCC Chief Tweaks Media-Owner View
  • Key Bishop Voices Alarm Over Iraq
  • Making Connections: Activist Sets Up Telephone Talks Between US, Iranian Citizens

    Tuesday, November 13

  • Democrats’ Anti-Yucca Mountain Stances Complicated by Records
  • IPCC: The Worst Can Still Be Avoided
  • Iraq, Afghan War Costs Are $1.6 Trillion
  • Gagged at Home, Pakistanis Take to Cyberspace
  • World Body Warns Over Ocean ‘Fertilization’ To Fix Climate Change
  • Amnesty Urges NATO to End Afghan Prisoner Transfers Amid Torture Fears
  • Lobbying Stalls Generic Drug Legislation
  • RNC Protest Plans Already Under Way
  • US Food Companies Accused of ‘Cooking the Climate’

    Monday, November 12

  • Water Privatization - Boon or Multinational Corporate Conspiracy?
  • Iraq: A Tale of One City, Now Two
  • Experts: Danger of Nuclear-Armed Iran Hyped
  • More Bear Species Threatened With Extinction
  • 18 Veterans Arrested in Antiwar Protest
  • Countries Lagging In Clearing Landmines - Report
  • Intel Official: Expect Less Privacy

    Sunday, November 11

  • UN’s Ban Says Global Warming Is “An Emergency”
  • Murder Trial Sniper Says US Used ‘Bait’ For Suspect Iraqis
  • Iraqi Fighters ‘Grilled for Evidence on Iran’
  • Protesters Arrested at Washington Port
  • Clinton Campaign Admits Planting Questions
  • Anti-War Veterans In Veterans Day Parade Jeered, Cheered

    Saturday, November 10

  • Norman Mailer Brawled With Bush to the Bitter End
  • 2007 Deadliest for US in Afghanistan
  • Copps, Adelstein Rip Into FCC, Chairman Martin at Media-Ownership Hearing

    Friday, November 9

  • Iraq: Fewer Deaths Bring No Reassurance
  • Washington Tells EU Firms: Quit Iran Now
  • Burma: Keeping the Flame Alive Over Radio, Internet
  • Protest Greets Police Plan to Map Muslim Angelenos
  • Parents, Activists Rip School Board
  • 18 Peacemakers Busted at Giuliani and Hillary Offices and No Original Reporting From The Register
  • Stanford Students Protest Rumsfeld Appointment
  • Cheney Tried to Stifle Dissent in Iran NIE
  • Violence Erupts After Bhutto’s Arrest
  • Hawaii War Objector Wins Round Against Retrial

    Thursday, November 8

  • Anti-war Vets Slam Parade Ban
  • Aid “Dismally Slow” in Reaching Poorest
  • Corruption Blamed For Tabasco Floods
  • Big Food Companies Accused of Risking Climate Catastrophe
  • US Fears Israeli Strike Against Iran Over Latest Nuclear Claim
  • Gov’t Pillories Avant-Garde Academics
  • West Coast City Formally Rejects Iran Attack
  • Bell Tolls for Bush’s “Freedom Agenda”
  • Many In Bay Area Call Anti-Bias Measure An Act of Betrayal

    Wednesday, November 7

  • Iraq War Protesters To ‘Block’ Military Shipment In Olympia, WA
  • Judge Allows Abu Ghraib Lawsuit Against Contractor
  • Dash to Convert Food into Fuels Is ‘Recipe for Disaster’
  • Removal of Bush, Cheney Images Doesn’t Quell Debate Over Exhibit
  • Zinn Renews Call To End ‘Sham’ War
  • Students Call Protest Punishment Too Harsh
  • Battle Over ‘Natural’ Food Designation
  • Ex-Worker at AT&T Fights Immunity Bill
  • Peruvian Mercenary In Iraq: A Year in Hell for 1,000 Dollars a Month
  • Dole Must Pay farmworkers $3.2 Million
  • West Bank Settlements ‘Expanding’

    Tuesday, November 6

  • House Tied In Knots Over Resolution To Impeach Cheney
  • Cheney Impeachment Ready For A Vote: To Table It
  • Global Warming Is Biggest Security Threat
  • Revealed: How Multinational Companies Avoid The Taxman
  • Some War Protestors Jailed; Others Set Free
  • Air Strikes First, Questions Later
  • World Toilet Summit: Sanitation Beyond Septic Tanks and Sewers
  • Antitorture Protesters in DC Act Out Waterboarding
  • Bush Turns Civil Rights Commission Into ‘Conservative Rights’ Commission
  • 2007 Is Deadliest Year for US in Iraq
  • US GMO Rice Caused $1.2 Billion In Damages - Greenpeace

    Monday, November 5

  • Portland, Oregon: Cultivating a Culture of Two Wheels
  • Brazilian Land Activist Killed In Dispute Over Experimental GM Farm
  • Echoes of Iraq Invasion Arguments: White House Turns Up Heat On Iran
  • Copps, A Liberal Voice on The FCC, Knows How To Get His Message Out
  • Rich Nations Must Cut GHGs Fast, Deep - UN Experts
  • New ‘Disaster’ Movie Warns World of Oil Apocalypse
  • Most Would Pay Higher Bills To Help Climate: poll
  • Climate Wars Threaten Billions

    Sunday, November 4

  • Experts: No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program
  • Musharraf Tightens His Grip on Pakistan After ‘Coup’

    Saturday, November 3

  • Condoleezza Rice Forced to Testify in AIPAC’s Lobbyists’ Spy Trial
  • Nationwide Climate Rallies to Demand Action from Candidates
  • Musharraf Imposes Emergency Rule; Suspends Pakistani Constitution

    Friday, November 2

  • Impeachment 'Off The Table'? - Kucinich To Put It On The Floor
  • Retired General Dunlavey: Guantanamo Mission Came Straight From Bush, Rumsfeld
  • USAF Struck Syrian Nuclear Site
  • Neighbors: Code Pink Quiet
  • Iraqi Deaths Up In October In Blow to US ‘Surge’ Policy
  • Toxins Threaten to Uproot Entire Town
  • Push To Build “Green” Homes Picks Up Steam
  • Obama Introduces Iran Measure In Senate
  • Groups Seek Stop to Comcast Net Meddling
  • Iraq: Where Better Security Brings No Reassurance
  • Israel Urged to Aid Oil-Stained Lebanon

    Thursday, November 1

  • Poll: Most OK Birth Control for Schools
  • 47 Million Americans Lack Health Insurance: Report
  • Disappointed With Farm Bill Subsidies, Reformers To Step Up Fight
  • Did Blackwater Sneak Silencers Into Iraq?
  • Poll Shows Vermonters In Favor of Impeachment
  • In Nicaragua At-Risk Pregnancy Means Death or Prison
  • Nordic Nations Sound Alarm Over Melting Arctic
  • Whalers and Surfers Tussle At Sea
  • Waterboarding Is Torture - I Did It Myself, says US Advisor
  • US Anti-War Activist Ordered Out of Canada, Barred For Two Years
  • Wis. Teacher Protests No Child Left Behind Law by Sitting Out Testing; Discipline Threatened

    October 2007




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