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December 2007

Monday, December 31

  • Individual Privacy Under Threat In Europe and US, Report Says
  • Leaving the White House: 386 days To Go (and Counting)
  • Tapes by CIA Lived and Died to Save Image
  • Iraq Progresses To Some Of Its Worst
  • Bush’s Twilight Year Looks Grim
  • 2007 is America’s Deadliest Year in Iraq
  • Pakistan to Delay Vote by At Least Four Weeks: Officials
  • Japanese Government to Keep ‘Hooligans’ Away from Summit

    Sunday, December 30

  • Protesters Could Disrupt Rose Parade
  • Solar Energy ‘Revolution’ Brings Green Power Closer
  • The Free Market: A False Idol After All?
  • Bhutto’s Son Bilawal Appointed Co-Chairman of Former Prime Minister’s Party
  • Vatican to Train More Exorcists
  • In UK, Health Food Fads Spark Huge Rise in Animal Testing
  • Nuclear Power Gets Boost from Candidates
  • Fury at Claims on Bhutto Killing
  • From Iowa Cornfields, a Left-Tilting Tradition

    Saturday, December 29

  • 2007 a Year of Weather Records in US
  • Candidates Split Along Party Lines on Healthcare
  • Activists Look for Arrest of Bush, Cheney
  • Small-Town Residents Send Peace Message
  • Oregon Domestic Partnership Law Halted
  • Waterproofing Sprays Still Not Studied by Feds
  • Wrong-Footed Bush Forced to Rethink Policy on Pakistan

    Friday, December 28

  • Albuquerque Has Renewal of Attacks on Abortion
  • A Walking Call to Impeach Bush Arrives in the East Village
  • Pakistani Govt Reveals How Benazir Was Killed
  • Nuclear Plants Raise Leukaemia Threat
  • Iraq Slashes Food Rations, Putting Lives at Risk
  • Atheists Vocal Over Moment of Silence Law
  • Conservation Group Sues Interior Dept.

    Thursday, December 27

  • The Solvency Crisis
  • In Diplomatic Coup, Chavez Says Colombian Hostages To Be Released
  • FBI Effort Will Build Biggest Biometric Database
  • Both Sides Cite Science to Address Altered Corn
  • Legal Community Condemns Destruction of CIA Tapes
  • Pfizer Arrests Sought in Nigeria
  • Outspoken Environmentalist Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is
  • Pakistan’s Bhutto and At Least 20 Others, Killed In Attack

    Wednesday, December 26

  • Gathering Signatures In Cyberspace, Lawmaker Sets Out To Impeach Cheney
  • Christmas Demonstrators Want Peace on Earth - Including In Iraq
  • Coal’s Ascent Is Re-Igniting Familiar Debate
  • Iraq: ‘Awakening’ Forces Arouse New Conflicts
  • Climate Change Gives Rise to New World Order
  • Georgia School as Laboratory for Getting Along
  • Among States, Texas Takes Execution Lead in 2007

    Monday, December 24

  • The Torture Tape Fingering Bush As a War Criminal
  • Anarchists in the Aisles? Stores Provide a Stage
  • Repeated Warnings Unheeded On Contractors In Iraq
  • Cheney Accused of Blocking Californian Bid to Cut Car Fumes
  • Scientist Shearer Brings Odd Bedfellows Together To Save The Earth
  • Mountain of Discarded Cell Phones Grows at ‘Frightening’ Rate
  • CIA Chief to Drag White House Into Torture Cover-Up Storm

    Sunday, December 23

  • Oops! American Missile to Replace Trident is Too Big for Britain’s Nuclear Submarines
  • Hoover Planned Mass Jailing in 1950

    Saturday, December 22

  • Congress Takes Action on Cluster Bombs, Child Soldiers
  • 9/11 Panel Study Finds That C.I.A. Withheld Tapes

    Friday, December 21

  • Former CIA Analyst Says Evidence Abounds for Impeachment
  • Iraq, Afghanistan War Costs Top Vietnam
  • Evangelist Video Shot at Air Force Academy Exposed
  • US Media Ignoring Top Humanitarian Stories: Aid Group
  • Bitterness Apparent as US Releases Iraqi Prisoners
  • Japan Postpones Humpback Whale Hunt; Still Intends 1,000 Kills For Other Species
  • ‘Paper or Plastic?’ The Eco-Friendly Answer is ‘Neither - Reusable’
  • New Orleans to Demolish Thousands of ‘Poor’ Homes
  • Lakota Sioux Secede From US, Declare Independence
  • In Saudi Arabia, Iran Polls Better Than U.S.
  • EPA Chief Is Said to Have Ignored Staff

    Thursday, December 20

  • Analysis: CIA Tape Case Evokes Watergate
  • Use of Taser on Disruptive Store Customer Questioned
  • Hamas Leader Appeals For Truce With Israel
  • Lawyer Condemns ‘Lies’ Over Guantanamo Detainees’ Release
  • CIA to Cooperate With House on Tapes
  • EPA Says No To California’s Emissions Plan
  • Official: Justice Dept. Slowed Probe Into Phone Jamming
  • “Black Site” Survivor Relates Horrific Tale

    Wednesday, December 19

  • Senate Approves $70 Billion To Continue Wars
  • Slave Labour That Shames America
  • US, Japan Stingiest Givers for Education
  • UN Passes Symbolic Death Penalty Moratorium
  • Israeli Human Rights Group: IDF Isn’t Enforcing Law on Troops in West Bank, Gaza
  • Destruction of CIA Tapes May Have Violated a Court Order
  • Climate Sanctions Sought Against US
  • Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of C.I.A.Tapes

    Tuesday, December 18

  • FCC Votes for Monopoly, Congress Must Vote for Democracy
  • World Food Stocks Dwindling Rapidly, UN Warns
  • Iraq: “Bad” Women Raped and Killed
  • US Corn Boom Threatens Sea Life: Pesticide Runoff Continues To Pollute Gulf
  • Israeli Human Rights Group: IDF Isn’t Enforcing Law on Troops in West Bank, Gaza
  • White House Visitor Logs Are Public, Judge Rules
  • Did Bush Get New Iran Intel Last Winter?
  • Bill Clinton: George H.W. Bush Will Help President Hillary
  • A Political Fight Brews Over FCC Rule Changes

    Monday, December 17

  • Tasers Don’t Reduce Shootings, Despite Police and Politicians’ Claims
  • In China, Farming Fish in Toxic Waters
  • UK Has Left Behind Murder and Chaos, Says Basra Police Chief

    Sunday, December 16

  • Officials Seek to Protect Firms Aiding NSA Spying
  • Army Knew of Cheating on Tests for Eight Years
  • Delhi’s Poorest Left Behind in Drive to Make City Ready for 2010 Games
  • Oceans’ Growing Acidity Alarms Scientists
  • World Powers Gather in Paris to Bankroll Palestinian State

    Saturday, December 15

  • Guantanamo Detainee Asks Court to Declare That He Was Tortured
  • Renewed Global Promise to Build ‘A World Fit for Children’
  • Congress, Bush in Clash Over CIA Interrogation Tapes

    Friday, December 14

  • House Judiciary Trio Calls for Impeach Cheney Hearings
  • India: Prime Destination for Unethical Clinical Trials
  • Activists: Burma Deaths Higher Than UN Estimate
  • UN Rights Envoy Suspects CIA of Guantanamo Torture
  • Under Siege, Unions Seek Int’l Support
  • Biofuels Scarce on Bali Menu
  • Acidic Seas May Kill 98% of World’s Reefs by 2050
  • US Loses Status as Top World Bank Donor to Britain
  • Young Activists Furious With Clinton, Dodd
  • Defiant FCC Chief Refuses To Delay Vote

    Thursday, December 13

  • Demolition of Public Housing Starts
  • Canada Police Urged to Curb Taser Use
  • Bottled Water Boycotts: Back-to-the-Tap Movement Gains Momentum
  • VA Must Act to Curb Combat-Vet Suicides, Panel Hears
  • Vote Unlikely To Deter Blackwater; Opposition Gets Organized
  • White House Pressured EPA on Toxin Reporting, Audit Says
  • Al Gore Lambasts US Climate Obstructions
  • Lawsuits Allege Milk Wasn’t Organic
  • Democrats Blaming Each Other For Failures
  • Judge Says California Can Regulate Greenhouse Gases From Cars
  • Palestinian Civilians ‘Hostage’ to Worsening Conflict: Red Cross

    Wednesday, December 12

  • Ominous Arctic Melt Worries Experts
  • World Off Track On Goal of School For All Children
  • Indigenous Peoples Shut Out of Climate Talks, Plans
  • Wary of Protests, Exxon Plans Natural Gas Terminal in the Atlantic
  • Clergy Joins “Tapegate” Battle
  • US Secret Court Rejects Call to Release Wiretap Documents
  • New Jersey To Become First State in 30 Years To Repeal Death Penalty
  • Code Pink To Take Aim at Democrats in 2008
  • Clinton Accuses Obama of Being Too Far Left

    Tuesday, December 11

  • Democrats Accuse White House of Cooking Climate-Change Testimony
  • Iraq Rejects Permanent US Bases: Adviser
  • French Activist Bove To Go On Anti-GMO Hunger Strike
  • Howard Zinn’s ‘History’ Comes to TV
  • Big Oil Lets Sun Set on Renewables
  • White House Fought NIE Over an Old Charge
  • Disputed in Iraq, Blackwater Now Splits California Town
  • Justices Restore Judges’ Control Over Sentencing

    Monday, December 10

  • Criticism of The FCC’s Chairman Is Widely Aired
  • Victim: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR
  • CIA Photos ‘Show UK Guantanamo Detainee Was Tortured’
  • No Deal in Sight at Bali
  • US Is No Haven, Canadian Judge Finds
  • Anti-Immigrant Surge Tramples Int’l Norms
  • For Some, Childhood Is Rubbish
  • BP Set To Commit ‘The Biggest Environmental Crime in History’
  • US Balks at Bali Carbon Targets
  • Reverend Billy Preaches The Gospel of The Church of Stop-Shopping
  • NGO Coalition Slams U.S. Record at Home
  • Women of Code Pink Push For Change

    Sunday, December 9

  • ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming’?
  • Lawyers Charge the CIA Tortured Their Client in Secret Prisons
  • Vote Snub Fails to Silence Chavez
  • Harvard Alumni Fault Campus Apathy
  • Hill Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002; In Meetings, Spy Panels’ Chiefs Did Not Protest, Officials Say

    Saturday, December 8

  • World Climate Change Protests Kick Off
  • U.N. Report Finds 31 Killed in Myanmar Crackdown
  • Efforts to Harvest Ocean’s Energy Open New Debate Front
  • Clash with Congress Brews after CIA’s Tape Destruction
  • Anger as Library Makes Exhibition of Bush
  • Pentagon Plans Unchanged by Iran Report: General
  • France Suspends Commercial GMO Seed Use, Studies Safety

    Friday, December 7

  • Israel Considering Strike on Iran Despite US Intelligence Report
  • Bush Loses Ground With Military Families
  • Gore Calls For Early Climate Pact
  • World Social Forum and World Economic Forum - A Bridge Too Far?
  • Cut GhGs or Face Extreme Events - Scientists
  • HRW Report: US Care for HIV Detainees Falls Short
  • American Teen Pregnancies Rise For The First Time In 15 Years
  • CIA Destroyed Video of ‘Waterboarding’ Al-Qaida Detainees
  • Group Assails Giuliani Comments on AIDS as ‘Hypocrisy’
  • Film Attacking Greed Has Its Premiere on Billionaire’s Doorstep
  • CIA Destroyed Videotapes of Al-Qaeda Interrogation

    Thursday, December 6

  • Food Prices Climbing, With No End in Sight
  • Legal Action by Inmates Could Close Guantanamo
  • Poor Countries Must Also Curtail Carbon Emissions
  • Environmentalists Worry Border Fence-Building Will Threaten Arizona River, Wildlife
  • More Than Half of Amazon Will Be Lost by 2030, Report Warns
  • Congress to Clash With Bush Over ‘Torture’ Technique
  • Poison From Depleted Uranium Munitions Site Lingers
  • Facebook Backs Down After Members Revolt
  • Two-Thirds of Israelis Oppose Attack on Iran: Poll

    Wednesday, December 5

  • For Iraqi Refugees A Haven Becomes a Dilemma
  • Guantanamo Detainees’ Case Heard by Supreme Court
  • Evidence Of Innocence Rejected at Guantanamo
  • US Intelligence Review Directly Contradicts Bush’s Line On Iran
  • Peace Group Barred From Florida Schools
  • Washington in the Crosshairs at Bali Climate Conference
  • Israel Says Army Ready for Gaza Invasion
  • Leahy Plans Contempt Vote
  • Pakistan Deports CODEPINK Human Rights Activists

    Tuesday, December 4

  • 2 US human Rights Activists Arrested in Pakistan
  • FCC Chairman Target of House Panel’s Investigation
  • Climate Cause Fires Up Ice Cream Guru
  • ‘Talking Dirty’ on Sanitation Can Save Lives
  • Peace Now: Israel Defense Force Carried Out Only 3% of Settlement Demolition Orders
  • American College of Physicians Endorse Single-Payer
  • FDA Science Dearth Puts Public Health at Risk
  • Hillary Ready To ‘Kill Bill’ Over Issue of Honesty
  • Activists, Congressmen Urge Change in US AIDS Policy
  • World Faces Food Shortages

    Monday, December 3

  • US Says Iran Ended Atomic Arms Work
  • Venezuelans Reject Constitutional Change, Chavez Accepts
  • American Human Rights Activists on 24-hour Vigil Outside Aitzaz’s House
  • Councillor In Ontario Targets Tasers Again
  • For Justices, Another Day on Detainees
  • Renewal of No Child Left Behind Legislation Challenged
  • Iraq: Government Fragments Further
  • Rich Countries Blamed as Greenhouse Gas Emissions Hit Record
  • Guerrilla Artist Banksy in Holy Land
  • Yucca Mountain Remains Nuclear Waste Dump Choice

    Sunday, December 2

  • US Says It Has Right to Kidnap British Citizens
  • Business Lobby Presses Agenda Before ’08 Vote
  • Clinton Tacks Right at Left-Leaning Forums

    Saturday, December 1

  • Advisers Say FDA’s Flaws Put Lives at Risk
  • Witness Names to Be Withheld From Detainee
  • Up in the Trees, the Boss Hangs on for a Miracle
  • Will Peace Ever Fly?
  • Man Hitting Road to Lobby on Impeachment
  • WORLD AIDS DAY: Ideology Trumping Health, US Activists Say

    November 2007




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