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April 2007

Monday, April 30

  • Clamshell Alliance: 1,400 Arrested 30 Years Ago
  • Kent State Shooting Victim: Reopen Case
  • Gore Calls Canada Climate Plan a 'Fraud'
  • Australia, U.S. Behave Tyrannically, Says Ex-PM
  • US Democrats Raise Prospect of Bush's Impeachment Over Iraq
  • Green Groups Urge Action Now on Climate Change
  • Animal Extinction - The Greatest Threat to Mankind
  • They Also Serve Their Conscience
  • Some Analysts See Iraq War Eclipsing Toll from Vietnam

    Sunday, April 29

  • Carbon-Neutral Is Hip, but Is It Green?
  • Going to College? Watch Out for Bush's Bandit
  • Allegations of Wrongdoing Plague Bush Reading Program
  • Seal Cull Halted by Drifting Arctic Ice Mass
  • Climate Report to Warn Time Running Out in Greenhouse Gas Battle
  • Protesters Greet Gonzales At Harvard Law School Reunion
  • Prostitution Scandal Has Washington In New 'Shock and Awe'
  • Most Katrina Aid From Overseas Went Unclaimed

    Saturday, April 28

  • Mike Gravel: After Debate, Little-Known Democrat Draws a Crowd
  • Huge Anti-Nuke Demo was 30 Years Ago This Week
  • Senior Bush Official Linked to Escort Service Resigns
  • Afghan Prison Torture Scandal Rocks Canadian Military
  • Annual Terrorism Report Will Show 29% Rise in Attacks

    Friday, April 27

  • 'Mutual Destruction' Danger in US Anti-Missile Plan: Putin
  • U.S. Officer Blasts Generals' Handling of Iraq War
  • Fisk takes Western Officials - and Reporters - to Task
  • Nader Challenges Decision to Invite V.P. to Speak at BYU
  • Guantanamo Bay Prisoners' Lawyers Condemn Bush Administration
  • Protestors Disrupt Mueller's IOP Speech at Harvard
  • Bush Administration Targeted Another Top Federal Prosecutor
  • Climate Change: Canada's New Plan 'Pretends' to Curb Emissions, Say Activists
  • Lebanon: One Unexploded Bomb Per Person
  • Blow to Bush as Top US Commander Warns of Worse to Come in Iraq

    Thursday, April 26

  • Political Briefings At Agencies Disclosed
  • Rice Signals Rejection of House Subpoena
  • Investigation Uncovers Carbon Credits Smokescreen
  • Nobel Peace Laureate Calls for Nuclear Referendum
  • Democrats' Timetable Allows U.S. War in Sunni Region to Go On
  • FBI Opening Far Fewer Civil Rights Inquiries
  • U.S. Officials Exclude Car Bombs in Touting Drop in Iraq Violence

    Wednesday, April 25

  • UN Criticises Iraq for Concealing Casualty Figures
  • Nader to Speak after Cheney Addresses Students at BYU
  • Progressive Dems of America Set to Raise its Voice
  • Iowa War Protestors Vow More Action
  • U.S. Gov't Discriminates Against Muslim Immigrants: Study
  • US War Hero Jessica Lynch: 'Rambo Image was Based on Lie'
  • West's Foot-Dragging Over Aid To Africa called 'Grotesque'
  • Biased? Advocacy Groups Say Official Investigating Rove is Wrong Man for the Job
  • At World Bank Meeting, Frustrations Boiled Over
  • OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry

    Tuesday, April 24

  • Tillman's Brother Blasts Military's 'Intentional Falsehoods'
  • Bill Moyers' "Buying the War" Exposes the Media's Failure to do Their Job.
  • Press Fury at Baghdad Wall
  • Office of Special Counsel to Investigate Rove
  • 'Green Nobel' Winners Noted for Fighting Extractive Industries, Defending Wildlife
  • Sunnis Protest Against Baghdad's 'Prison Wall'
  • Writer Halberstam Dies in Car Crash

    Monday, April 23

  • The GOP's Cyber Election Hit Squad
  • US Gender Pay Gap Emerges Early, Study Finds
  • Battle For The Land of Khan
  • Venezuela's Chavez: US Harboring 'Terrorist' Jet Bomber
  • U.S. Blamed for Iraq's 'Bloody Wednesday'
  • Saving Chimps, Supporting Farmers, One Sip at a Time

    Sunday, April 22

  • Native Americans Are Finding Their Voice in Government
  • Pair of House Resignations Reignites GOP Ethics Woes
  • Obama's Refusal of Lobbyists' Money Has its Limits
  • The New 5-to-4 Supreme Court
  • Congress Set to Defy Bush on Iraq War
  • Earth Day 2007: Happiness Is a Smaller Eco-Footprint

    Saturday, April 21

  • In Florida, Warming Gives Earth Day New Urgency
  • Illegal Roads Speeding Destruction of the Rainforest
  • Power Bills Soar After Electric Deregulation
  • Cover-Up? After Tillman Death, Army Sealed Off Information
  • General's Report on Haditha Condemns Marines
  • Shareholder Bill Targets Excessive Compensation for Executives
  • Latest US Solution to Iraq's Civil War: A Three-Mile Wall

    Friday, April 20

  • Vermont Senate Calls for Bush, Cheney Impeachment
  • Audit Finds Many Faults in Cleveland's '06 Voting
  • Wolfowitz Told: No Changes, Just Go
  • Rights Group Sues Yahoo Over Arrests in China
  • Withering Gonzales Struggles to Salvage Job
  • Kucinich to Sponsor Impeach Cheney Bill
  • Demoted U.S. Attorney Protested Office Shutdown, Loss of Resources
  • Harry Reid Tells Bush: War is 'Lost'

    Thursday, April 19

  • Doolittle Denies Wrongdoing After FBI Search
  • World Needs to Axe Greenhouse Gases by 80 Pct: Report
  • Congress Hears from Organic Growers over Farm Bill
  • World Bank May Target Family Planning
  • Politicians Duck for Cover at Talk of Gun Control
  • Campaign Against Alleged Voter Fraud Fuels Political Tempest
  • Iraq Refugees: The Hidden Face of the War
  • World Opposed to U.S. as Global Cop
  • Supreme Court Backtracks on Abortion Rights

    Wednesday, April 18

  • Supreme Court Upholds Law Banning Some Abortions
  • Libraries React to Patriot Act Abuses
  • Majority Expect U.S. Will 'Lose' War In Iraq
  • Call to End Wolfowitz's Reign Goes Global
  • Impeachment Activists Grill Legislative Leaders
  • Massacre Renews Call for 'Common-Sense' Gun Policy
  • Dems Divided over Webb's Proposal Requiring Approval for Attacking Iran
  • Bush Won't Turn Over Emails Until White House 'Reviews' Them
  • World to US: We Demand 'Climate Justice'

    Tuesday, April 17

  • Smog, Heat Waves May Contribute to Big Rise in Illness
  • Unusual Trip to Iraq in '03 for Wolfowitz Companion
  • UN Urges Help for Iraqi Refugees
  • Gonzales Contradicts His Own Testimony
  • Bush Allies in Congress Block Bill That Would Require Intelligence Disclosures
  • Group Says Worst Crisis in US Faced by Black Men

    Monday, April 16

  • E-Mail Uproar Gives Dems Ammo vs. Rove
  • Leak Prompts Fear Over World Bank Health Policies
  • Increasingly, War Tax Resisters Defy IRS in Protest Over Iraq
  • Data-Mining of Students raises Alarms
  • Global Warming Could Spur 21st Century Conflicts
  • Political Winds Shift on Nebraska Prairie
  • Hired Guns are Wild Cards in Iraq War
  • UK's Benn: No More 'War on Terror' Slogan
  • Angry Dems to Question Defiant Gonzales
  • Step It Up Rallies Take Aim at U.S. Congress
  • FDA Inspecting 'Only a Minuscule' Percentage of Imported Foods

    Sunday, April 15

  • The Long Road to Ruin for the Amazon Forest
  • Lenders Sought Edge Against U.S. in Student Loans
  • Britain Joins Chorus of Condemnation over Wolfowitz
  • Report: Katrina Evacuees 'Remain Poor'
  • Global Warming Called Security Threat
  • Russian Police Beat Opposition Protestors
  • Silenced: Progressive Sites Censored

    Saturday, April 14

  • New Execution Chamber Infuriates Lawmakers
  • E-Mails Contradict Testimony in US Attorneys Scandal
  • Top Wolfowitz Postings Went to Iraq War Backers
  • Activists Stepping up Fight Against Warming With Rallies, Lobbying

    Friday, April 13

  • Schwarzenegger's 'Green' Credentials Questioned
  • Egypt Rejects Torture Criticism
  • Muslim Scholar Banned from U.S., but Speaking from Afar
  • Protest Grows over Blackwater U.S.A Training Camp
  • Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Speaks Out in Indiana
  • Drug Giants Accused of Ignoring Fake Medicines that Kill Millions
  • World Bank Staff Seek Wolfowitz's Ouster
  • Key Democrat Accuses Officials of Lying About E-Mails

    Thursday, April 12

  • Deaths in Uganda Forest Protest
  • White House Pulls Nomination to Top EPA Air Post
  • Top U.S. Sushi Company Linked to Whaling
  • Israel Seen as Fighting Peace
  • US Compensation Payments to Iraqi Civilians Made Public
  • Warming Could Spark N. American Water Scramble: U.N.
  • Wolfowitz Stamped Lover's Pay
  • Some White House E-Mails on Fired Attorneys May be Lost
  • Retired Generals: Bush is 'Breaking the Army'
  • Kurt Vonnegut, Novelist Who Caught the Imagination of His Age, Is Dead at 84

    Wednesday, April 11

  • US-British War on Terror Backfires: Think Tank
  • Bush Wants a War Czar, but Can't Find Any Takers
  • Panel: US Faces Change As Climate Warms
  • Galapagos Islands 'Facing Crisis'
  • Democrat Candidates Boycott 'Fair and Balanced' Fox News
  • Obama's Silence on Imus Alarms Some Blacks
  • Over 1,000 Climate Rallies Planned This Weekend
  • Heroes or Cowards? Neocons Weigh In on Sailors
  • Russia Threatening New Cold War Over Missile Defense
  • Vast Forests With Trees Each Worth £4,000 Sold

    Tuesday, April 10

  • How Trees Might Not Be Green in Carbon Offsetting Debate
  • Bush Administration Gets Muzzle Award
  • Billionaire Offer to Clean Bhopal derided as Front for Chemical Firm
  • New Questions Emerge About Wolfowitz's Influence
  • Elliott Abrams and Déjà Vu All Over Again
  • Grasping the Geopolitics of Warming
  • Israelis Torturing Palestinian Children
  • 'Granny D' Pushes 'Politics of Love'
  • Scientists Left Uneasy by Changes to Climate Report
  • Plans for Bush Library Stir Texas-Size Tempest
  • Gore's Climate Concert Finds Home in New Jersey
  • Huge Protest in Iraq Demands U.S. Withdraw

    Monday, April 9

  • NRC Staffers Quietly Become Gun-Toting Cops
  • GOP-Issued Laptops Now a White House Headache
  • Pelosi, Clinton, Obama Favor More Nuclear Plants
  • Insider's Book Decries U.S. 'Ignorance' on Iraq
  • Press United over Iraq 'Tragedy'
  • Hunger Strike Breaks Out at Guantánamo
  • Patterns of War Shift in Iraq Amid Buildup of U.S. Force

    Sunday, April 8

  • Iraqis Flock to City for Monday's Massive Anti-US Protest
  • Stop Shopping . or the Planet Will Go Pop
  • Pesticide Maker Sees Profit when Others See Risks

    Saturday, April 7

  • Row over Wolfowitz's Partner Intensifies
  • Iraq War Protester Cindy Sheehan Marches to Bush's Ranch
  • Mysterious Disappearance of US Bees Creating a Buzz
  • CIA Tortured Me, Iranian Diplomat Says
  • The Few. The Proud. The Disillusioned.
  • Dire Warming Report too Soft, Scientists Say
  • Americans Offered 'Aggressive Patrols' in Iranian Airspace

    Friday, April 6

  • Students Peacefully Protest Cheney's BYU Appearance
  • Journalist Hersh blasts Iraq War, Bush Administration
  • The Family-Friendly Easter Bomb Hunt
  • Anti-Globalization Icon Says He's Serious About French Presidential Bid
  • Saddam, Documents Indicate no Iraq-Qaeda Cooperation
  • Health Care Crisis: Number of US Uninsured Soars, Along with Big Pharma Profits
  • Wolfowitz Accused of Nepotism at World Bank
  • Scientists in War of Words Over Global Warming Report
  • American Dream Ends in Property Market Crash

    Thursday, April 5

  • Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling: 'My Name Used to Be 200343'
  • GOP Advocate Targeted in Abramoff Probe
  • Canadian Seal Hunt Opens Again Amidst Outcry
  • Population: US Funding Cuts Undermine Terror War
  • Lessons in Capture, Release of Britons
  • Questions Linger About Bushes and BCCI Bank
  • Guantanamo Conditions 'Worsening'
  • Arctic Sea Ice is Shrinking in 'Downward Spiral'
  • Get Ready for Debate About Who Lost Iraq

    Wednesday, April 4

  • Bush Administration Proposes Easing Rules for Labeling Irradiated Foods
  • 10 War Protesters Arrested at Leahy's Office
  • Castro in New US Biofuel Attack
  • The Josh Wolf Case: Blogger Freed after Giving Video to Feds
  • Biofuel Surge Could Have Severe Downside, Warn Experts
  • Loss of Coral May Cause Food Supply Crisis
  • Apple Condemned for Consigning Toxic Computers to China
  • Palm Oil: The Biofuel of the Future Driving an Ecological Disaster Now

    Tuesday, April 3

  • City to Pay $1 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over 1999 WTO Arrests
  • Washington Hurting British Bid to Free Crew
  • 'No More Iraq War,' Kids Cry - Youngsters Lead Peace Parade Through Brooklyn
  • EU Carbon Trading Scheme Failing to Curb Emissions from Big Polluters
  • Al-Jazeera: Freedom Fight Against 'Freedom Champions'
  • U.S.-Korea Trade Deal Disappoints Labor, Rights Activists
  • Europe Tops US in Stock Market Value
  • Baghdad Merchants Astounded at McCain's Claims of Security
  • The Botched US Raid that Led to the Hostage Crisis
  • Poll Finds Bay Area Democrats Like Gore Best

    Monday, April 2

  • Supreme Court Rules Against Bush in Global Warming Case
  • Britons Unwilling to Change Despite Climate Threat
  • Martin Sheen Cited again for Nuke Site Trespass
  • Nader Drops by, Praises Vermont
  • 'US Ready to Strike Iran on Good Friday'
  • Iraqi Returns to Britain after Guantanamo 'Nightmare'
  • Taliban Deploy Thousands of Suicide Bombers: Commander

    Sunday, April 1

  • Iraq Military Victory No Longer Possible, says Henry Kissinger
  • Media Watchdog Aims to Expose Flaws of Cable News
  • Guantanamo Trial Would Have Done Stalin Proud - Lawyer
  • Wars of the World: How Global Warming Puts 60 Nations at Risk
  • Climate Report Maps Out 'Highway to Extinction'
  • Bush Again Pushes 3 Nominees Seen as Pro-Industry
  • Ex-Aide Says He's Lost Faith in Bush

    March 2007




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