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October 2006

Tuesday, October 31

  • US Drops Claims That Chevron Underpaid Government Royalties
  • A Global Catastrophe of Our Own Making
  • Britain to Push for Global Climate Deal by 2008
  • Analysts Sceptical about Stern Report's Impact in US - and Benefits of Using Al Gore
  • Tense and Only Relative Calm after Police Crackdown in Oaxaca
  • Thousands Protest in Pakistan after Deadly School Airstrike

    Monday, October 30

  • US Weapons to Iraqis Can't be Accounted for
  • UN Investigates Israel's 'Uranium Weapons'
  • Blair Accused of Trying to 'Privatize' War in Iraq
  • UK Signs Gore to Sell Climate Case in US
  • Brazil's Lula Re-elected by Landslide
  • US Troop Death Toll in Iraq for October Hits 100
  • Sally Lilienthal, 87; Raised Funds Aimed at Peace, Global Security
  • Slow Food Movement Has Global Outreach

    Friday, October 27

  • UN Passes Arms Trade Treaty Over US Opposition
  • Confession That Formed Base of Iraq War was Acquired Under Torture: Journalist
  • UN Official: US Terror Law May Violate International Treaties
  • Soldiers Say Support the Troops by Bringing Them Home
  • Ex-Diplomat: US Has Lost War
  • Fear of Privatization Gives Brazilian President a Lead in Runoff
  • Iraq's al-Maliki Sharply Delineates Differences with US Leadership
  • US Evangelical Support for Iraq War Slipping
  • 50 Years After Suez, US Hegemony Ebbing Fast

    Thursday, October 26

  • Cheney Confirms That Detainees Were Subjected to Water-Boarding
  • CIA Tried to Silence EU on Torture Flights
  • NATO Bombs Kill Scores of Afghan Civilians: Officials
  • Tackle Climate Change or Face Deep Recession, World's Leaders Warned
  • Complaints Mount at US Fortress in Iraq
  • FDA Hearing Will Review Rules for `Functional' Foods
  • Saving Life on the Edges of the World
  • Voter Registration Lists May Foil Voters
  • Rich Countries Fail Africa on Food Aid: UN

    Wednesday, October 25

  • Iraqis Were Better Off Under Saddam, Says Former Weapons Inspector
  • Active-Duty Troops Voice Their Dissent from US Policy in Iraq
  • Students Resort to Private Loans, Staggering Debt
  • Neutrality Not OK, Zinn Tells Listeners
  • War Effect Chills the Hearts of Republican Middle America
  • Muslim and Arab Americans Ditch Republicans
  • U.N. Probes Abuse of Migrant Workers Worldwide
  • Iraqi PM Distances Himself from US
  • N.J. Court Backs Rights for Gay Unions

    Tuesday, October 24

  • Iraq: UK Voters Want British Troops Home by End of Year
  • Bush Abandons Phrase 'Stay the Course' on Iraq
  • FCC Reassessing Media Ownership Rules; Critics Say Current Regulations Inspire Bland Homogeneity
  • Brother of N.F.L. Star Posts Antiwar Essay
  • Humans Living Far Beyond Planet's Means: WWF
  • Governments Say They Follow U.S. on Jail Treatment
  • Support UN Arms Treaty, say Nobel Laureates
  • US, Global Publics Shun Torture

    Monday, October 23

  • Israel Admits Phosphorous Bombs Used in Lebanon
  • Answer to Energy Crisis? Waste Not, Want Not
  • Israel Admits Phosphorous Bombs Used in Lebanon
  • Former CIA Insider Blasts Bush; Tells People at Church Conference that Lies Led to War in Iraq
  • The Exodus: 1.6m Iraqis have Fled Their Country Since the War

    Sunday, October 22

  • Bush's Family Profits from 'No Child' Act
  • How Iraq Came Home to Haunt America
  • Top US Diplomat: We have Shown 'Stupidity' and 'Arrogance' in Iraq
  • Schroeder Says Bush's Religious Talk Worried Him
  • Iraq Death Rate Estimates Defended by Researchers
  • Cracking up: Ice Turning to Water, Glaciers on the Move - and a Planet in Peril

    Saturday, October 21

  • U.S. Public at Risk from Radiation: Scientists
  • Global Warming Study Predicts Wild Ride
  • Iraq: A Consensus Develops: Leave the Course
  • What to Do With the World's Nuclear Arsenal

    Friday, October 20

  • Mailed Diebold Disks Raise Voting Machine Fears
  • United States Numb to Iraq Troop Deaths: Experts
  • We've Lost Battle for Baghdad, US Admits
  • Climate Change 'Will Cause Refugee Crisis'
  • Millions of Starving Shame the World, U.N. Says
  • Republicans Say Top Democrats Support 'Group of Gay Pedophiles'
  • Britain to Defy US Over UN Resolution on Arms Trade
  • UN: 914,000 Have Fled Homes in Iraq
  • US Public Wants "New Approach" on Foreign Policy

    Thursday, October 19

  • U.N. Says Number of Ocean "Dead Zones" Rising Fast
  • Bush Issues Doctrine for US Control of Space
  • Govt. Death Squads Ravaging Baghdad
  • Loss of Species that Pollinate is Cause for Global Alarm, Researchers say
  • Poll of US Public Finds Growing Anxiety About World Affairs
  • New Laws and Machines May Spell Voting Woes
  • Tables Turned for the GOP Over Iraq Issue
  • UK Refuses to Back Cluster Bomb Ban as Extent of Use in Lebanon Revealed
  • Kitschy Pink Flamingo Faces Extinction

    Wednesday, October 18

  • Food from Cloned Animals Could Hit Supermarket Shelves; Consumer Groups Outraged
  • Iraqi Endgame Approaching, Bush Ready or Not
  • Iceland Defies World Ban with Return to Whaling
  • Big Powers Split on Proposed Arms Trade Treaty
  • US May Have Weeks, Not Months, To Avert Civil War, Adviser Warns
  • Study Links Pollutants to Rise in Breast Cancer
  • Gaza Doctors Say Patients Suffering Mystery Injuries After Israeli Attacks
  • Iraq War Cost Years of Progress in Afghanistan - UK Brigadier

    Tuesday, October 17

  • Hunger Due to Injustice, Not Lack of Food
  • Rock Tours Damaging Environment, Says Radiohead Singer
  • US, China Head for Showdown Over N. Korea Sanctions
  • Waves: The Next Wave in Clean, Green Power
  • Connecticut Clergy Group's Billboard Airs Torture Issue
  • The Worst in Iraq is Yet to Come

    Monday, October 16

  • Antarctic Ice Collapse Linked to Greenhouse Gases
  • Iraq Cancels Peace Talks After Scores More Die
  • Trouble in the Air: How Government Flights Pumped Out 1,000 Tons of Carbon Dioxide
  • More are Hungry Despite World Leaders' Pledge
  • Ecuador Set to Join 'Pink Tide' Washing Across Latin America
  • 5 Americans Killed in Iraq, Bringing Month's Toll to 53
  • US Coal Plant Boom Poses Major Ecological, Economic Questions

    Sunday, October 15

  • Citing Heavenly Injunctions to Fight Earthly Warming
  • Human Rights Concerns Fail to Staunch Flow of UK Arms
  • Bush Keeps Revising War Justification
  • US 'Plot to Force Out Hamas'
  • Displease a Lobbyist, Get Fired: House Report Shows How Ken Mehlman Acted on Abramoff's Behalf as White House Political Director
  • Ambush: How One Interview Blew Apart Blair's Disastrous Foreign Policy
  • MoD Forced to Hire Civilian Helicopters in Afghanistan

    Saturday, October 14

  • A Global Call to Stand Against Poverty
  • The British Officer Said: 'We Are Now Just Another Tribe'
  • An Accidental Canadian Finds Her Environmental Footing
  • Democrats to Seize At Least Half of Congress
  • Guantanamo Guards 'Admitted Abusing Inmates'
  • Gay Marriage Losing Punch as Ballot Issue
  • Air America Parent Files for Chapter 11

    Friday, October 13

  • Documents Reveal Scope of U.S. Database on Antiwar Protests
  • Canada Fights UN Moratorium on Open-Ocean Bottom Trawling
  • US Seen Retreating from Democracy Push
  • Cancer Fears Emerge as Fallout of French Nuclear Tests
  • Climate Change Inaction Will Cost Trillions: Study
  • Book: Bush Aides Called Evangelicals 'Nuts'
  • Britain's Top Soldier Sparks Storm with Call to Withdraw from Iraq Soon
  • British TV Journalist Was 'Unlawfully Killed' by US Forces in Iraq

    Thursday, October 12

  • US Army Plans for Current Iraq Troop Level to 2010
  • US Neo-Cons Call For Japanese Nukes, Regime Change
  • Iraq: The Reality
  • Gaza Sliding into Civil War
  • Pyongyang's Nuke Test Sparks Fission Over Response
  • Dolphin-Friendly Tuna? Don't Believe It
  • Birds and Bees May Be Gay: Museum Exhibition

    Wednesday, October 11

  • Hopkins Research Estimates 654,000 Deaths Tied to Iraq War
  • US Population Hits 300 Million, but Is It Sustainable?
  • Water for Millions at Risk as Glaciers Melt away
  • Iraq Brings Wounds That Deepen With Time
  • 11,000 Child Soldiers Abandoned in DR Congo: Amnesty
  • Iraq Pullout Resolution on Ballot
  • Al Gore Wins Quill Book Prize
  • US Free Speech Row Grows as Author Says Jewish Complaints Stopped Launch Party

    Tuesday, October 10

  • Lawyer Says US Inquiry into Guantanamo Abuse a Cover-up
  • Afghan Women Demand Protection in Wake of Official's Death
  • North Korean Nuke Tests Say World Must Return to Peace Agenda
  • US Watchdog Urges Tighter Rein on Conflict Diamonds
  • NGOs, Italy Seek Worldwide Death Penalty Ban
  • Tentative Deal Reached to End Mexico Oaxaca Crisis
  • Olbermann News Commentaries Target Bush
  • Chávez Sends Oil to Boost Ortega's Election Bid in Nicaragua

    Monday, October 9

  • Earth's Ecological Debt Crisis: Mankind's 'Borrowing' from Nature Hits New Record
  • US Casualty Rate in Iraq Worst Since Fallujah
  • Gitmo Lawyer Who Took on Bush Forced to Retire from Navy
  • Analysis: North Korea Test a Sign of Weakness
  • Baquba, Iraq: An Unknown City Erupts
  • Rising Seas Could Leave Millions Homeless in Asia

    Sunday, October 8

  • US Rules Allow the Sale of Products Others Ban
  • Robert Fisk: The Age of Terror - A Landmark Report
  • Operation Sinbad: Mission Failure Casts Doubt on Entire British Presence in Iraq
  • NATO Chief Warns of Afghan Tipping Point

    Saturday, October 7

  • UN Warcrimes Prosecutor Attacks International Double Standards
  • Norway Breaks Silence on "Illegitimate Debt"
  • Bush's Brother Jeb Chased into Closet by Pittsburgh Anti-War Protesters
  • US Soldiers Question When Iraqis Will Take the Lead

    Friday, October 6

  • Weapons Experts: Pentagon Project Could Spark Atomic War
  • Marine Scientists Report Massive "Dead Zones"
  • Israeli Bomblets Plague Lebanon
  • Greenpeace Warns of Toxic Risks to Two Million in Lebanon
  • Some See Gloom as U.S. Population Reaches 300 Million
  • Radio Waves Incite Rebellion in Oaxaca
  • Thousands Nationwide Protest Bush

    Thursday, October 5

  • Bombings as US Casualties Mount as Iraq has Worst Week Yet
  • Deserter's Surrender Highlights War's Emotional Trauma
  • Inadequate Equipment, Health Problems Face Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans: Poll
  • Bush Signings Called Effort to Expand Power
  • "Strategic Consensus" Redux?
  • Oaxaca Protesters on Red Alert
  • Supermarkets Accused over Organic Foods
  • Froogles: The New Challenge to Rampant Consumerism
  • Intelligent, Emotional, Ingenious: the Amazing Truth about Whales and Dolphins

    Wednesday, October 4

  • Can America Ever be Weaned off its Love Affair with Guns?
  • Cuba Embargo's Boomerang Effect
  • Pastors Push Living Wage as Election Issue
  • Consolidation in Media Is Called Stifling
  • One Third of the Planet Will Be Desert by the Year 2100, Say Climate Experts
  • Hezbollah's Battle with Israel a Rallying Cry in Palestinian Refugee Camp
  • Google Boss Warns Politicians about Internet Power
  • UN to Consider Deep Sea Trawling Ban
  • America's Youth Becoming Engaged in Community, Political Activity
  • War on Terror Returning to Its Cradle
  • Man Sues Secret Service Agent Over Arrest After Approaching Cheney and Denouncing War
  • Anti-War Protesters in Washington State Win Right to Prove Acts Were Justifiable

    Tuesday, October 3

  • Border Fence Could Spell Environmental Disaster
  • Media Ownership Issues Return to Spotlight
  • Pre-emptive Lawsuit Challenges Bush Plan
  • Rumsfeld, Ashcroft Received Warning of al Qaida Attack before 9/11
  • Farmed Salmon Killing Off Wild Cousins
  • Record Ozone Loss over Antarctic: European Space Agency
  • Anti-War Activists Push for UN Arms Treaty

    Monday, October 2

  • Legal Loopholes Allow Arms Traders to Dodge Embargoes
  • Museum Field Trip Leaves Texas Art Teacher out of A Job
  • Venezuela's Oil Wealth Funds Gusher of Anti-Poverty Projects
  • Poll: Democrats Have a Shot at Capturing the Senate
  • NYC Trans Fat Ban Could Spark Food Fight
  • Lights Out for 'Light' Cigarettes
  • Top Republicans Accused of Cover-up over Sex Scandal
  • 'Rainbow Warrior' Returns to Haunt French Candidate Royal
  • About 1,500 Attend Peace Rally on Bangor, Maine Waterfront
  • Give Peace Department a Chance

    Sunday, October 1

  • Iraq: The Week the Truth Was Told (Except by Tony Blair)
  • Tilting the Scales? Campaign Cash Mirrors A High Court's Ruling
  • Tobacco Firms 'Sweetening Cigarettes to Hook the Young'
  • Over 800 Rally for Peace in New Hampshire; Marchers Protest Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

    September 2006




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