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Green Policies 'Promote Peace'
Published on Friday, December 8, 2006 by the Guardian / UK
Green Policies 'Promote Peace'
by Terry Macalister
A new "joined-up" energy and foreign policy based around reducing Britain's dependence on oil and not replacing Trident nuclear missiles would offer a more secure future, according to a report by environmental campaign group Greenpeace.

The government should take a leaf out of Sweden's book and pour investment into cleaner energy and fuel efficiency as North Sea oil is running out and global warming threatens. "Reducing our oil dependence and tackling climate change are two sides of the same coin - and key to building real global security," said the report, entitled "Oil and peace don't mix".

"Far from tackling the globally pivotal issues of climate change, the actual direction of UK government policy on oil has converged with the USA in the use of aggressive diplomacy and the deployment of military forces in the Middle East."

Greenpeace argued that Tony Blair should abandon preparations to replace Trident and switch foreign policy towards international cooperation. He should introduce carbon taxation and road pricing and freeze road and airport expansion.

The report came a day after the chancellor, Gordon Brown, sidestepped the recommendations of the Stern review on the cost of global warming, introducing only very limited measures to help the environment in his pre-budget report.

Greenpeace says Sweden has shown the way by acting on recommendations from a commission on oil independence. This set targets of reducing oil use by up to 50% through more efficient usage and introduction of new fuels.

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