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March 2002

3/31: Blood on the Ice as Seal Cull Returns
3/31: Peace Activists March Into Arafat's Compound; Arafat Remains Defiant
3/31: If U.S. Were to Attack Iraq, It Might Take 100,000 or More American Troops, Analysts Say
3/31: Without Mercy: Israelis Execute Arafat's Elite Guards
3/31: GM-Free Nations Fall to Monsanto
3/31: From Old Files, a New Story of U.S. Role in Angolan War
3/30: Pentagon Seeks Exemption From Environmental Laws
3/30: U.S. Rejects Study by Its Own Arctic Scientists
3/30: Thousands Protest Possible US Action
3/30: Israeli Arabs Protest Against Arafat Siege on "Land Day"
3/29: US to Back Out of World Court Plan; Envoy: Bush team may 'unsign' treaty
3/29: Israel Blasts Arafat's Office
3/29: Ecuador Police Detain, Deport Anti-Pipeline Activists
3/29: U.S. Will Buy 35,000 Gas Masks for Residents Near Ala. Nerve Gas Incinerator
3/28: Slavery Lawsuit Aims for Social Change
3/28: Bush Energy Order Wording Mirrors Oil Lobby's Proposal
3/28: US Secrecy Over Terror Prisoners is Against Law
3/28: World's Wildlife Shows Effect of Global Warming
3/28: Sharon Leaves US Policy in Tatters
3/28: For Chilean Coup, Kissinger Is Numbered Among the Hunted
3/27: GOP Congressman Leaks: Bush Will Atttack Iraq Before End of Fall
3/27: Heavy Editing of Bush's Energy Papers Criticized
3/27: US Paves Way for War on Iraq; Attack Base to be Moved into Qatar to Bypass Saudi Objections
3/27: U.S. Court Upholds Pollution Standards
3/27: India's GM Decision Shows Neglect of People's Movements - Critics
3/26: Afghan Food Drops Found To Do Little Good
3/26: Mideast on the Brink of 'Chaos,' Moussa Says
3/26: U.S. Orders Checks for Corrosion at Nuclear Reactors
3/26: Energy Contacts Disclosed; Consumer Groups Left Out, Data Show
3/26: Canadian Official Calls U.S. a 'Hostile Power'
3/26: New Effort to Force Armies to Clean up Unexploded Bombs and Rockets
3/25: Argentina's New Neighborhood Assemblies: The Seed of a New Form of Citizen Participation
3/25: Israel Plans Big Assault If Truce Talks Fail
3/25: In Colombia, Working for Peace is Risky
3/25: Backlash Grows Against White House Secrecy
3/25: Scientist: More Ice Shelves Face Trouble
3/24: GM Crops Bound to 'Escape', says EU
3/24: 'We're Here to Take Back the World': Rolling Thunder tour attracts thousands of liberal Central Texans
3/24: Slaughter in the Name of Oil: New evidence of human rights abuses and a people on the run from big business
3/24: Britain Accused on Terror Lab Claim; Story of find in Afghan cave 'was made up' to justify sending marines
3/24: Iraqis Blame US Arms for Kill at Fish Farm
3/24: Proposed Settlement in PCB Case Denounced; 'Reprieve for Corporate Polluters'
3/24: Critics Decry Ads Linking Drugs, Terror
3/23: Israeli Weapons Bear an Embarrassing Label: Made in USA
3/23: Europe Targets Guns, Garters and Lentils in Trade War
3/23: Plan to Lift Limits on Past Colombia Aid; U.S. planes could hunt guerrillas
3/23: Water Crisis Developing for Billions, Experts Warn
3/23: More Than Two Million at Rome Demo: Organizers
3/22: Poor Nations Warn Rich on Terror
3/22: Military Tribunals Fall Short of Standards, Say U.S. Rights Groups
3/22: Denver Police Spied on Activists, ACLU Says
3/22: Destruction Wrought by Israel Tallied in Millions
3/22: Collateral Damage: 'Intended' U.S. Target Mystifies Villagers
3/21: Dick Nixon: Just What Was He Smoking?
3/21: Globalization Proves Disappointing
3/21: Alternative Spring Break: Spring Breakers Trade Sun for Social Work
3/21: Iraq Questions Legality of U.S. Actions
3/21: Delight and Puzzlement Greet U.S. Aid Hike
3/21: UK Warns Saddam of Nuclear Retaliation
3/20: Workers Feel Like Suckers: Life Savers is moving its candy factory from Michigan to Canada
3/20: Going Backwards: Air & Space Venue Renamed For Corporate Benefactor
3/19: Jennifer Harbury: Widow Argues for Right to Sue Officials
3/19: U.N. Official Deplores Spread of 'Islamaphobia'
3/19: U.S. Military on Defensive Over Afghan Body Count
3/19: Peace Activists Report a Surge of New Support
3/19: Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses: Global Warming Blamed
3/18: UN's Robinson Says Human Rights Under Threat Since September 11
3/18: MIT Linguist Critiques U.S. Foreign Policy; Chomsky to Speak in Bay Area
3/18: America and Europe at Odds Over Helping Poor
3/18: Sept. 11 Leaves Same-Sex Partners Adrift; Laws Bar Benefits, Even Recognition
3/18: Slain Rebel's Wife to Plead Case Before High Court
3/18: Seniors See Prescription-Drug Benefit Going Nowhere
3/18: Geneticists Protest at DNA of Rice Becoming a Trade Secret
3/17: Bombing of Santo Domingo Shows How Messy U.S. Involvement in the Latin American Drug War Can Be
3/17: Army Fear over Blair War Plans; Military Chiefs Slam Lack of Strategy to Topple Saddam
3/17: Coffee in Good Conscience: Students Campaign for Roasters to Provide Only 'Fair-Trade' Beans
3/16: Britain Fails to Persuade EU to Back War on Iraq
3/16: EU Plans Tit-for-Tat Tariffs in Key US Election States; Republicans Could Be Hit If Trade War Takes Off
3/16: More Than 300,000 Protest Against EU Summit
3/16: PETA Calls Attacks a New Breed of McCarthyism
3/16: Bush's Dream of Holding Court Thwarted by Senate
3/16: US to Gather Iraqis to Topple Ruler
3/16: Jordan to US: Attack on Iraq Would Be Disaster
3/15: Anthrax Attacks May Have Been CIA Test Gone Wrong
3/15: Going Backwards: Senate Rejects Plan to Require More Use of Renewable Energy
3/15: 'Living Wage' Laws Gain Momentum Across US
3/15: Saudis to Take Hard Line with Cheney Against War on Iraq
3/15: Barcelona Protest Pulls 100,000 on Eve of EU Summit
3/15: Ashcroft's Civil-Rights Office Being Politicized, Critics Say
3/15: Bush's Nuclear Review: US May Have to Abandon Nuclear Test Moratorium
3/14: Targeting Civilians: 100,000 People Perished, But Who Remembers?
3/14: Israel Tightens Grip Despite UN Vote
3/14: Going Backwards: Senate Defeats Stricter Gas Mileage Standard
3/14: Many Held in Sept. 11 Probe Denied Basic Rights, Group Says
3/14: Harassment of Gays Cited in Largest Exodus From Military Since '87
3/14: U.S. Study Concludes That 'Living Wage' Reduces Poverty
3/13: Journalist Gunned Down by Israeli Tank
3/13: GOP Donors' Reward -- A War Briefing
3/13: During Gaza Raid, Some Civilians Slain Without Apparent Provocation
3/13: Wary of Rights Criticisms, Bush Keeps Uzbek Leader Out of Sight
3/13: Clinton Campaigns Against Robert Reich
3/13: Going Backwards: Fuel Efficiency Bill Faces Opposition
3/12: UN Chief Annan Calls on Israel to End 'Illegal Occupation'
3/12: 'Inadequate' US Troops Pulled Out of Battleground
3/12: 11 Million Kid Deaths Preventable, Health Experts Say
3/12: Tokyo Irked by US Stance on Kyoto
3/12: US Sends Suspects to Face Torture
3/12: U.S. Move Rekindles Fears of Arms Race
3/12: Children at Risk from Uranium in Army Shells
3/12: China Wants U.S. Nuclear Explanation
3/11: Bomb Shatters Cafe, But Not Hopes of Protesters
3/11: Bush's Nuclear Lunacy: Horror at Dubya's Secret Attack Plan on 7 Countries
3/11: Growing Chorus Against Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Camps
3/11: Activists to Seek Ban on Transgenic Crops
3/11: Bunker Bomb Will Bust Test Ban
3/11: Amazon Leaders Press Case in U.S. Court
3/11: China: US Has Human Rights Problems
3/10: US Targeted Civilians: Museum Recalls Tokyo Firebombing
3/10: A Woman of Conviction: Author and Activist Arundhati Roy
3/10: Outrage as Pentagon Nuclear Hitlist Revealed
3/10: U.S.-Europe Relations Facing Test
3/10: Bush Wants 25,000 UK Iraq Force
3/10: Tens of Thousands in Italy Call for Palestinian State
3/9: U.S. in Longest War Since Vietnam
3/9: Astroturf Lobbying: Community Leaders Decry Lobby Firm's Fax
3/9: Critics Fault Rumsfeld for Cutting Oversight of Antimissile Plan
3/9: Envoy's Role Linked to Arab Backing on Iraq
3/9: U.S. Works Up Plan for Using Nuclear Arms
3/8: McDonald's Faces Payout Over Beef Fat On Its Fries
3/8: From Suez to the Pacific: US Expands Its Presence Across the Globe
3/8: Nike and Adidas 'Have Failed to Stop Sweatshop Abuses'
3/8: Waiters Say Management Takes Big Slices of Tips
3/8: California Children Living in Poverty Rose by 430,000 in '90s, Survey Shows
3/8: Ex-EPA Official Blasts Christy Whitman's Remarks
3/8: International Women's Day: Women Worldwide Mobilize on March 8
3/7: Booker Winner Arundhati Roy Pays Fine, Leaves Jail
3/7: US Resists Giving Poor Countries More Anti-Poverty Money
3/7: Alaska Oil Plan Faces Defeat; Critics Confident of Senate Win
3/7: We Risk Charges of War Crimes, Peres Tells Cabinet
3/7: Questionable Business: Quietly, US Firms Penalized
3/7: Defiant Sharon Ignores US Rebuke ; Launches New Attacks
3/6: U.S. Accused of Hypocrisy Over World Trade Rules
3/6: Judge Says Amateur News Gatherers on Public Access TV Have Same Rights as Professionals
3/6: Rallies in Capital Protest Bush Welfare Proposals
3/6: Nigerian Lawsuit Against Shell Passes Major Test
3/6: The Mideast's Spiral of Revenge: Retaliation On the Heels of Retribution
3/6: Novelist Arundhati Roy Convicted of Contempt
3/5: Global Warming: EU Votes for Kyoto and Increases Pressure on Bush
3/5: French Reports: U.S. Busts Big Israeli Spy Ring
3/5: U.S. Human-Rights Report Includes Terror War Allies
3/5: U.S. Position on War Crimes Tribunals Assailed
3/5: Bill Defines Irradiated Meat as 'Pasteurized'
3/4: A Baltimore Without Orioles? Study Says Global Warming May Rob Md., Other States of Their Official Birds
3/4: Afghans: U.S. Botched Attack
3/4: US Vets Say Vietnam Dioxin Victims Should Be Helped
3/4: MIT Team Tied to Questionable Missile Studies
3/3: US Uses Bunker-Busting 'Thermobaric' Bomb for First Time
3/3: Scotland Declares: The 'War on Drugs' Is Over
3/3: Massachusetts Clean Elections Offers a Big Lift to Green Party
3/3: Bush View of Secrecy Is Stirring Frustration; Disclosure Battle Unites Right and Left
3/3: Formidable Foes Rally Against Indian Point Nuclear Plant; Sept. 11 rekindles concerns about industry's safety
3/3: U.S. to Explore Aid to Colombia, Citing Threat of Terrorism
3/3: Danes' Great Green Machine; Denmark has emerged as world leader in industrial recycling
3/2: Israel Continues Push Across Refugee Camps, Kills 20 Palestinians
3/2: Plan Colombia: 'I Can Tell Them That This Will Be Worse Than Vietnam'
3/2: Congress Not Advised Of Shadow Government
3/1: More U.S. Children Die Where Guns Are Common-Study
3/1: U.N. Chief Demands Israeli Withdrawal from Refugee Camps
3/1: Nixon, Billy Graham Anti-Semitism on Tape
3/1: Almost All in U.S. Have Been Exposed to Fallout, Study Finds



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