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September 2001

9/30: Family of WTC Victim Raises Voice Against Looming US Strikes
9/30: For Now, A Global Movement is Stymied
9/30: Peace Activists Rally; Thousands Protest in San Francisco, DC
9/30: US and Britain to Strike Terror Camps Within Days
9/29: New Peace Movement: Pushing Peace, Pursuing Justice
9/29: Sex in the City Eases the Pain for New Yorkers
9/29: Disposal of Chemical Arms in U.S. Lags as Costs Mount
9/29: Shopping is Patriotic, Leaders Say
9/28: In Patriotic Time, Dissent Is Muted
9/28: Attacks Mute the ACLU's Voice
9/28: In Many Forms, Places, Hatred of America Lives
9/28: 'Innovative Strategies' Needed As Peace Rallies Planned in San Francisco, DC
9/27: Foreign News Shrinks in Era of Globalization
9/27: Much of the Policy Criticism Aimed at U.S. Turns Muted
9/27: Kofi Annan Says Innocent Afghans Should Not Suffer
9/26: Washington's Hawk Trains Sights on Iraq; Deputy's desire for wider war adds tension to debate
9/26: Nuclear Plants Called Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack
9/25: War on Poverty is Key to the Struggle Ahead, Conference Told
9/25: British Peace Groups Fight to Make Their Voice Heard
9/25: A Pakistani Debate Over Holy War
9/24: 'One in Seven' Damaged by Asbestos
9/24: Ecuadorians File U.S. Suit Over Plan Colombia
9/24: Risk to Liberty Feared in Proposed Legislation
9/24: Palestinian Group Advocates Path of Non-Violent Resistance; 'Sowing the seeds and hoping . . . a Gandhi comes along'
9/23: 'Blowback': US May Confront Its Own Arms, Experts Say
9/23: 'Infinite Mistake': Marchers Across Europe Protest Against Possible Strikes
9/22: French Back U.S., but Fear War Trap
9/22: CEOs Slash Jobs, but Not Their Pay
9/22: NRC Concedes That Nuclear Power Plants Could Not Withstand a Jet Crash
9/22: Relative's Warning Against Retaliation
9/21: On College Campuses: A Plea for Peace
9/21: Another 911 Hero: Discovering A Voice From Within The Sadness
9/21: Environmental Groups Drop Campaign Criticizing Bush
9/21: Activist Philip Berrigan Confined Alone After Terrorist Attacks
9/21: On Campus, Rumblings of Peace
9/20: U.S. Short of Vaccine for Deadly Anthrax
9/20: American Arabs, Muslims Feeling Like the Enemy Within
9/20: Peace Groups Are Urging Restraint ; Students, Activists Set to Hold Rallies Across the Country
9/19: Bush's Rhetoric Fuels Violence, Critics Charge; Influence of `War Drum' Words Feared
9/19: Waiters & Waitresses: The 'Forgotten' Victims
9/19: Palestinians Hope for New Beginning; Guns Fall Silent in Israel
9/18: Afghan Women Struggle To Be Heard
9/18: Barbara Lee: Lone Voice Against 'The Spiral of Violence'
9/17: No Room for Dissent as Spirit of Flagwaving Sweeps the Nation
9/17: 1,200 March for Peace in Portland
9/16: 'War Is Not the Answer,' Pacifists Tell Their Fellow Mourners
9/16: Pakistan to Demand Bin Laden
9/15: Bush Vows Broad, Sweeping, Sustained Campaign
9/11: Common Dreams Readers Speak Out on 911
9/11: Rights Group Questions U.S. Role in Colombia
9/11: IMF/World Bank Meets Sept 29-30 Washington, DC: AFL-CIO Jumps Into Protests
9/10: 'Progressive Majority' is Launched in DC: Will the Real 'Progressives' Please Stand Up?
9/10: Britain to Challenge Death Row Cases in US
9/10: Plan Colombia: Colombians Consider Decriminalizing Drug Trade
9/9: Anarchists Too Scared to Stage Protest in China
9/9: Trespassing Nuns Hold Their Convictions Dear
9/9: Bush's Stem Cell Policy Shifts Focus of Research To Profits
9/9: Going Forward: Some States Fight Junk Food Sales in Schools
9/9: Going Forward: America Loses Taste for 'Zero Tolerance'
9/8: For US Students: Reading, Writing and Controversial Behavior-Modifying Pills
9/8: Ortega Comeback Sets Up Cold War Re-Run with Bush
9/8: Bush's Drugs Boss is Unfit for Office, Say Civil Rights Groups
9/7: Going Backwards: U.S. May Ease Regulation of Nursing Home Industry
9/7: George Washington University to Shut Down During IMF/World Bank Protests
9/7: Italy's Berlusconi Flounders in Aftermath of G-8 Fiasco
9/7: Colombian President: War On Drugs is Not Working
9/6: White House Refuses GAO Request for Documents on Cheney's Energy Task Force
9/6: Bush's Private Fireworks Display Draws Fire
9/6: Sudan Bishops Accuse Oil Companies of Fueling War
9/6: Global Warming May Bring New Variety of Class Action
9/6: Global Warming: Coral Reefs 'Face Total Destruction Within 50 Years'
9/6: High-Level Nuclear Waste Dump: Angry Las Vegans Blast DOE
9/5: Africa in Slavery Showdown with Former Masters
9/5: An 'Unwelcome to Chicago' Party; Protesters Hit Boeing 'War Making'
9/5: Globalization's Diverse Foes; Wide Range of Protesters Unites Against IMF, World Bank
9/5: UN World Conference Against Racism: US Derided for Walkout
9/4: US Plans to Produce New Anthrax Strain for Testing: Pentagon
9/4: Brazil Landless Workers Protest Across Country
9/4: Genetics Seen to Breed New Forms of Discrimination
9/4: U.S. Germ Warfare Research Pushes Treaty Limits
9/4: Strange Bedfellows: Bush's Environmental Policies Spur a Greenpeace Revival
9/3: Plan Colombia: Gov't Study Raises Doubts on Washington's Drug-Fighting Strategy
9/3: 'Tobin Tax' Gains Global Currency
9/3: CNN Caves In to Israel Over Its References to Illegal Settlements
9/2: Star Wars Critic Has Become A Pentagon Target
9/2: Coca Cola's Plan: Just Say No - To Drinking Tap Water
9/1: Former Bush Campaign Spokewoman Helped Approve AP Subpoena
9/1: Corporate Espionage: Shampoo Giants Tell Spies to Wash and Go
9/1: Report Shows Americans Have More 'Labor Days'
9/1: U.S. Student Decries Brutal Genoa G-8 Raids



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