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January 2001


1/31: Democracy Now! Co-Host Resigns On Air After Delivering Scathing Attack on Pacifica Board
1/31: World Social Forum Ends on Positive Note; Mosaic of Actions Takes Shape
1/30: Vieques Residents Alarmed by Depleted Uranium Reports
1/30: Bush Relaxes Air Pollution Laws
1/30: Anti-Globaization Activist Jose Bove Is At It Again
1/29: Sam Day, Peace Activist, Journalist, Lovable Leftist, Dead at 74
1/29: Gulf War Studies Link Cancer to Depleted Uranium
1/29: Florida 'Recounts' Confirm Gore Winner
1/29: Mad Cow Scare Has Europeans Thinking Green
1/28: Israeli Army Deserted by Soldiers with a Conscience
1/28: Swiss Condemn Police Crackdown on Davos Protests
1/28: Aleutian Islands: A Wilderness Ecosystem in Collapse
1/27: Fla. 'Overvotes' Hit Democrats The Hardest; Gore 3 Times as Likely as Bush To Be Listed on Tossed Ballots
1/26: UN: The Whole World is At Risk from Mad Cow Disease
1/26: World Social Forum: Work Begins on a World of Solidarity
1/25: Biotechnology Food: From the Lab to a Debacle
1/25: World Social Forum Seeks a 'Possible World'
1/25: Job Applicant Says Ashcroft Queried Him on Sexuality
1/24: Bush Opens up the Wilds of Alaska to the Big Oil Interests
1/24: 'New Democrats': Gore Lost By Not Being Republican Enough
1/23: Plan Colombia: Herbicide Spraying Killing Food Crops, Pastures
1/23: Pennsylvania Retirement-Fund Board to Examine Investments in Corporations with Ties to Human-Rights Violations
1/23: A World of Extremes as the Planet Heats Up
1/22: UN Sees Faster Global Warming, Humanity Responsible
1/22: Inauguration Day: Bush Faces More Jeers Than Cheers
1/21: Pennsylvania Pensions Bankrolling Violence
1/21: World Wary of Bush Presidency
1/21: Depleted Uranium Shells Held 'Cocktail of Nuclear Waste'
1/21: Inauguration Protests Largest Since Nixon in 1973
1/20: FBI Spied on Canada's Pierre Trudeau for 30 Years
1/20: Bush Comes to Office with 42% Job Approval; 78% of African-Americans have 'Unfavorable' Opinion of New President
1/20: Bush Blows in on a Chill Wind of Change
1/19: Death Sentence for the Amazon; Scientists say $40 billion project is set to destroy 95 per cent of rainforest by 2020
1/19: Inaugural Demonstrators, Police Go to Court
1/19: Going Backwards: US Support for Latin America's Armed Forces Soaring
1/18: Russia Halts Military Cuts as Hawks Take Over in the US
1/18: Voter Chaos, Power Blackouts... Nigerians Wonder at US Model
1/17: Transition Advisers Have Much to Gain; Consumer Activists Concerned Big Business Will Use Team Members to Muscle Bush
1/17: UN: Enriched Uranium Found in Weapons
1/16: Pacifica Radio in Crisis: More Turmoil at WBAI
1/16: Colombian Governors Slam U.S. Plan To Spray Toxic Herbicides
1/16: U.N. Sanctions Keep Iraqis Poor, Hopeless
1/15: Tobacco's New Clout in Washington
1/15: US Move to Lift Arms Embargo in Africa Thwarted
1/13: Bush's Christian Guru Marvin Olasky Aims to Reshape America; But Opponents Fear Reversal of Country's Principles
1/13: Bush's Choice for Attorney General Linked To 'Guns for Pupils' Group
1/12: Watchdogs Sound the Alarm as Gene Engineers Push the Envelope
1/11: A Battle Cry From Interior Nominee; Opponents Hit Norton's '96 Talk on States' Rights and Confederacy
1/11: Israel Accused of Policy of Murder
1/11: Groups Question 'Alarming' 1996 Speech by Bush Interior Nominee
1/10: Moscow Lambasts NATO for Ignoring Uranium Warnings
1/9: Germany's Schroeder Tells Nato to Ban Use of Toxic Shells
1/9: Global Campaign Launched To Battle Illicit Small Arms Trade
1/8: Israelis Confirm Wider Policy of Assassinations; Palestinian Peace Activist Among Targeted Victims
1/8: Bush Nominees, Lobbyists Set to Overhaul Federal Rulemaking
1/7: Allies 'Told in 1991 of Uranium Cancer Risks'
1/7: British Safety Claims Wilt as Uranium Panic Grips Nato
1/6: United Nations Study Finds Radiation in Kosovo Attack Sites
1/6: 1,700 Dade Voters Mispunched Chads; Gore Would Have Gained 316 More Votes
1/5: Simmering Election Anger Incites Rights Leaders; At 'Emergency Summit,' Black Groups Back Registration Drive, Inauguration Day Protests
1/5: Israel Will Not Allow Palestinian Refugees to Return
1/4: New York's WBAI Radio Is in Turmoil
1/4: Reversal of Environment Initiatives Is Proposed; Key GOP Lawmaker Outlines Plan to Bush
1/4: Black Leaders Slam 'Illegitimate' Bush Presidency
1/3: 'It Just Takes One Man'; Finding The Truth About the United States, Britain Secret Deal in Diego Garcia
1/3: Italy Wants Answers From NATO On Uranium Arms After Six Balkans Soldiers Die
1/2: Bush Risks Renewed Arms Race; U.S., China will be 'on collision course' if missile shield proceeds, diplomat says
1/2: Gene-Modified Plants and Animals Could Wipe Out Other Species, Experts Fear; Oversight is 'full of holes.'
1/1: Clinton Backs Treaty for Justice Tribunal
1/1: Scorched Earth in the Tropics Linked to Europe's Storms



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