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April 2001

4/30: Confusion Reigns as London Police Brace for May Day's Mayhem
4/30: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer April 30, 2001, 2:00 p.m.
4/30: Bush Vows to Speed Up Work on Star Wars; US to Abandon Arms Control Treaty
4/29: Democrats Waffle on Global Warming: Statement of Support for Voluntary Compliance Assailed by Environmentalists
4/29: When the Police Shoot, Who's Counting?
4/29: Cabal of Lawyers Drives Bush Even Further to the Right
4/28: Cincinnati Tops List of Police Killings of Blacks
4/28: Undercover Officer Infiltrates Student Anti-Sweatshop Group
4/28: Harvard Living Wage Campaign Sit-In: Harvard Warns Protesters of Academic Discipline, Police Action
4/28: While George Bush takes the public eye, Vice-President Dick Cheney pulls the Washington strings
4/27: How Corporate America Bought Itself a President
4/27: Taking Action: Sports Fans Organizing to Protest 'Corporate Welfare'
4/27: New Global Campaign Launched to Protect Children Worldwide
4/27: Endangered Lions Face New Threat: They're Rich, American and They've Got Guns
4/26: Going Backwards: U.S. Navy Asks to be Exempted from Federal Law Forbidding Harassment or Killing of Whales
4/26: Going Backwards: White House Seeks to Scuttle Clinton Ban on Logging, Roads
4/26: Anti-Child-Care Agenda: Researchers in Child-Care Study Claim Study Has Been Misrepresented
4/25: EPA Chief Whitman Sued Over Racial Profiling 'Pat-Down' Photo
4/25: America Has Put Nuclear Weapons Back on the World's Agenda
4/25: Junk Science: Scientists Often Mum About Ties to Industry
4/24: FBI Raids Indy Media Center
4/24: GW Bush's America: Giving Nuclear Power Another Chance
4/24: On the 15th Anniversary: Ukraine Remembers Chernobyl, A National Tragedy - And The World's
4/24: Rich Nations Club Spending Less on Aid to Poor Nations
4/23: American Journalists Win Top Eco-Award for Cow Hormone Story
4/23: Summit of the Americas Ends With Agreement Pledging Commitment to 'Democracy'
4/23: An Unrepentant Nader Sees a Positive Side of Bush Policy
4/22: Oops! Summit Leaders Taped During Closed-Door Session; Bush Upbraided for Chauvinism by Female Panamanian President
4/22: "No Alternative" to Kyoto Protocol to Combat International Climate Change: EU
4/22: Going Forward: Groups of 'Cultural Creatives' are Finding Ways Large and Small to Lessen Their Impact on the Planet
4/22: Animal Slaughters Fallout: Foot and Mouth Pyres Spewing Dioxin
4/22: More US Drug War Victims: U.S. Assisted Peru in Shooting Down Missionaries Plane
4/21: Outside the Fence: Young Activists Inspired Despite Violent Protests at Quebec Summit
4/21: Summit of the Americas: Quebec City's Carnival of Protest Ended in Tear Gas and Choking
4/20: Ethiopian Capitol Still Reeling After 38 Die Supporting Striking University Students
4/20: US Report: Agent Orange, Children's Leukemia May Be Tied
4/20: Leaked Chapter of FTAA Deal Shows Why Critics May Be Right
4/19: "The Chainsaw Massacre" Is Not a Movie in Colombia: Witness
4/19: Indigenous From Across Americas to Bring Free Trade Concerns to Quebec Summit
4/19: Quebec City Braces for Anti-Globalisation Protests
4/19: 'Free Trade Area of the Americas': Experts: Prescription Drug Costs Will Soar
4/18: High Tech Cop Tools See Through Walls
4/18: Quebec Judge Rules That Security Fence at Summit of the Americas Can Stay
4/18: Day of Farmer Protests, Demands for Agrarian Reform
4/18: Quebec City Demonstrators' Dilemma - To March To or Fro?
4/17: Test of Green Politics Lies Ahead
4/17: Summit of the Americas: Activists Turned Back at Border: 'It's Hypocritical'
4/17: ExxonMobil: How the High Priests of Capitalism Run Roughshod Over Fears for Planet
4/16: Labor's Chao Fails to Disclose Corporate Link
4/16: Summit of the Americas: Activists Converge on Quebec to Slam Free Trade Talks by Americas Leaders
4/16: Study of Plants Makes a Case for Biodiversity
4/16: Fears Grow for Children as Slave Ship Goes Missing
4/16: Greens Launch Global Campaign Against Oil Companies
4/15: Global Greens Conference Debates Naders Candidacy; Nader May Have Cost Us Kyoto Protocol, says Swiss Delegate
4/15: U.S. Studies Developing New Nuclear Bomb
4/15: Fury at Pro-Genetic Modification School Magazines
4/15: Mexicans Paying Big Price for NAFTA
4/14: World's Greens on the March to Put New Hue on Globalization; Greens Parties are Now a Force to be Reckoned With
4/14: Summit of the Americas: Chain Fence 'Greatest Humiliation of Canadian Democracy'
4/14: In This Land of Free Enterprise, Death is a Business Opportunity
4/14: ACLU: Cincinnati Police Have 'Harassed Blacks for 30 Years'
4/13: Thousands Evacuated from World War I Chemical Weapons Dump
4/13: Runoff Threat Clear, Rising; Farm Waste Found to Rival Global Warming in Destructiveness
4/13: 'Sergeant Pepper': Notorious Pepper-Spraying Sergeant to be on Front Lines at Quebec Summit
4/12: Drug War's Secret Alliance: Right-wing gunmen say U.S.-backed government troops helping them drive rebels from Colombian coca fields
4/12: Mexican President Fox Says Americas Pact Pointless Unless It Includes Help for Poor
4/12: Browner Blasts Bush on Environment: 'Stunning'
4/12: Activists: We Won't Be Fooled By Summit of the Americas PR; Protesters say people know free trade pact is for corporate gain
4/12: 'Operation Enjoyable Song': You've Just Been Visited by the Israeli Army
4/11: Activists Hope Foot-and-Mouth Disease Alerts Public to Farming Abuses
4/11: Report: NAFTA Largely A Failure for Workers; Notes job loss, lower wages and labour standards in 3 nations
4/10: Bush Budget Includes Big Increase for 'Plan Colombia', War on Drugs
4/10: Israel's Reservists 'Refusing to Serve in West Bank'
4/10: Another Campaign Lie: Bush Backs Off Campaign Pledge to Spend $100m a Year on Rainforests
4/10: 'Wall of Shame': Quebec Hides FTAA Talks Behind 6-Mile Long Chain-Link Fence
4/9: Senator Alleges Lockheed Scammed Up to $100 Million
4/9: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing April 9, 2001, 12:00 Noon
4/9: FTAA Talks Continue Without Social Input
4/9: Public Power for California? Democratic Leaders are Pushing for a Takeover of Private Power Plants
4/8: UN Claims Lockerbie Trial Was Rigged; Court was politically influenced by US
4/7: Why the Weather is a Victim of US Politics
4/7: Skinned Alive: Seal Cull Shocks Vets
4/6: Boss's Angry Email Sends Shares Plunging
4/6: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer April 6, 2001, 12:00 Noon
4/6: Boycott of US Firms Launched; As scientists warn of global warming, EU says Bush will not reverse stance on Kyoto
4/6: Climate Timebomb Ready to Explode Under GW Bush
4/5: Canadian Prime Minister Lets Loose on 'Cowboy' Bush
4/5: Is this the new Erin Brockovich?
4/5: Euro Parliament Says US Kyoto Pull-Out Threatens Climate Disaster
4/4: Ari & I: White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer- April 4, 2001, 1:00 p.m.
4/4: Hard-Line Bush Foreign Policy Irks US Rivals, Alienates Friends
4/4: US: No Aid Available for Fumigated Colombian Farmers
4/4: Beijing Hints that US Crew Could Be Subject to Legal Action in China
4/4: New Studies: Segregation Still Widespread in US Cities
4/2: Ottawa Police Arrest Trade Summit Protesters; Demonstrators rally to demand release of summit draft text
4/2: Spy Plane Collision Enrages Chinese Public
4/2: FTAA Summit Protesters Learn Art of Peaceful Battle
4/1: Canada Bars Fabled Farm Activist José Bové
4/1: The Food 'Revolution': Paying the Price of Progress
4/1: Global Warming: The World in 2050



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