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November 2000

11/30: International Trafficking in Humans: A $7.0 Billion-Dollar Business
11/30: N30 Will Celebrate A Kinder WTO, Activists Say
11/29: A World Still Needing Fixing: Seattle Activists to Mark Last Year’s WTO Demonstrations
11/29: Globalization's Impact: Rural Poverty on the Rise, Reports IFAD
11/28: Going Backwards: US Carbon Dioxide Emissions Expected To Rise Sharply By 2020: Government
11/28: Israel Shifts To Live Bullets; Assassinations and gunfire into mobs take rising Arab toll
11/28: Vandals Slash Giant Redwood; Tree-sitter Julia Butterfly Hill's Former Home Chain-Sawed
11/27: Irregularities in Seminole Could Cost GOP Dearly
11/27: Volunteers Ingest Pollutant in Drinking Water Study
11/26: World Powers Trade Charges on Climate Talks' Failure
11/26: How The Future of the Planet Grew Dark: Europe wants drastic cuts in carbon emissions. America wants to carry on guzzling.
11/26: Anti-Globalisation Groups, Unions Gear Up for Nice Summit
11/25: UN Climate Talks Fail; Activists: 'You've Sunk The World'
11/24: Time Is Short for U.S. to Join the International Criminal Court
11/24: Activists, Delegates Say Washington Is Seeking Loopholes In Efforts To Cut Global Gas Emissions
11/23: New Documents Show US Role in Chile's Past
11/23: Adidas Attacked For Asian 'Sweatshops'
11/23: Failure Looms Over Deadlocked Global Warming Talks
11/22: Uproar Disrupts Climate Conference
11/22: Nader's Solution: Flip A Coin
11/22: Biotech Corn Protein Found in 2nd Variety
11/22: US Berated For Wriggling Out Of Treaty Pledges; EU fury grows as Americans try to exploit loopholes
11/21: After Gaza Rocket Attack, State Dept. Gives Israel Stern Warning
11/21: Plan Colombia: Fumigation Threatens Amazon, Warn Indigenous Leaders, Scientists
11/20: 1,700 Arrested At School of Americas Protest
11/20: US Blocks Attempts To Cut Global Warming
11/19: Global Warming Treaty: US Plays Dirty As Planet Chokes
11/19: 12,000 To Plant Corn At the 'School of Assassins' Today
11/18: Climate Talks Stall Over US Proposal for Carbon 'Sinks', Pollution 'Credits'
11/18: Israeli Left Rails Against Barak's Firepower
11/17: Clinton Asked to Apologise for Agent Orange
11/17: Island Nations Desperate for Action on Global Warming
11/16: US Plan For 'Emission Credits' Blasted At UN Climate Treaty Talks
11/16: Gore Comes Out Against Using Nuclear Power
11/15: Ralph Nader: Don't Blame Me
11/15: Third World Blasts Rich Countries at UN Climate Talks
11/15: Democrats Turn On Nader In Search Of A Scapegoat
11/14: Clinton Administration Defends Capital Punishment Before World Court
11/14: Irregularities, Harassment Reported by Blacks in US Voting
11/13: Florida Won't Extend Recount Deadline
11/13: California's Prop 36: For Many, Plan to Help Addicts Touched Home
11/12: Global Warming Treaty Dispute Heats Up
11/12: Scientists Claim Nothing Will Stop Global Warming
11/11: Arafat Asks U.N. Council to Send Force to Protect Palestinians
11/11: Bush Goes to Court To Halt Recount
11/10: Why Gore Will Win Florida on Manual Recount
11/10: Africa Offers To Send 'Observers' To Help US End Poll Confusion
11/10: Democrats Blame The Ralph 'The Grim Reaper' Nader
11/10: Conservationists Warn 'Loopholes' Will Weaken Climate Treaty
11/9: 19,000 Votes Barred in Democratic County Hundreds Say They May Have Marked Ballot Wrong
11/8: 'Miami Was the Site of the Biggest Ballot Fraud in Recent U.S. History'
11/7: Back-Door Donations Shatter All Spending Records
11/7: Bush or Gore, Anti-Drug Plan to Stay on Track
11/6: David Brower Dies At 88 Militant visionary inspired a generation to save the Earth
11/6: US Report Urges Arafat To Use Torture For Peace
11/6: DC Super Rally: Green's Nader Stomps in U.S. Capital
11/5: The '7:55 PM Brigade': Fence-Sitters for Nader -- or Maybe Gore
11/5: Gates Loses Faith In Computers
11/4: US Doctors Say Israeli Gunfire Was Excessive
11/3: Britain Illegally Expelled Chagos Islanders for U.S. Base, Court Rules
11/3: GW Bush Lied About DWI Arrest
11/3: 'Worst Ever' Radioactive Leaks Found In Siberia
11/3: Nader Says His Surge Will Keep Gathering Steam For '04
11/2: Democrats Mull Whether Nader Will Help Take Back House
11/2: Nader: 'Forked-Tongued' Gore Must Fend For Himself
11/2: Amnesty Warns Of Israeli War Crimes
11/1: Taliban Braced For US Missiles



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