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August 2000

8/31: Colombia Drug-Fighting Plan Likely To Draw Fire At 1st Regional Summit
8/31: Colombian Rebels Give Clinton Fiery Welcome
8/31: Enthusiasm For Nader In Pacific Northwest Worries Gore Supporters
8/31: Pressing A Case For Antinuclear Status Mongolia's U.N. envoy is spearheading the effort.
8/30: Colombia: Scientists Caution That Fungi, Which Kill Specific Crops, Could Later Threaten Others
8/30: US Wades Into Colombia's Dirty War
8/29: Stakeholders Will Meet To Create Globalization Dialogue
8/29: Killings Put Focus On Rights On Eve Of Clinton Colombia Visit
8/29: Why Nader Country Might Count
8/28: 'Happy Meal' Toys Made With Child Labor In Sweatshops; McDonald's Boycott Sought
8/28: Right-Wing Colombian Militia Massacre 22 More Civilians
8/25: UN's Millennium Summit To Create Gridlock
8/25: Third World Caucus Aims A Spearhead At Rich Club
8/24: Genetically Modified Crops Are Banned On Open Space In Boulder, Colorado
8/24: Colombian, US Human Rights Groups Blast Clinton's Waiver On Military Aid
8/24: California State Senate Gives Tom Hayden A Tearful Send Off
8/23: Clinton Clears Aid Package For Colombia
8/23: Rebel Ceasefire Offer In Colombia Founders Ahead Of Clinton's Visit
8/22: Britain Snubs US On World Court
8/22: Concerns Raised Over Souped-Up Salmon; Tinkering with genes sparks worry over altered fish's impact
8/22: Income In California Fell During 1990s; Boom not a boon to all, study says
8/21: Debt Relief Leaving The Poor Worse Off
8/21: Going Backwards: Led by US, Arms Sales Surge Globally
8/20: Italians Fight U.S. Use of Death Penalty
8/20: Shell Oil Drilling Threatens World's Biggest Tiger Preserve
8/20: LAPD Criticism For Heavy-Handed Anti-Protest Tactics
8/19: Ages-Old Polar Icecap Is Melting, Scientists Find
8/19: U.N. Rights Body Calls for Lifting Iraq Embargo
8/19: Grenade Attack on Serbian Children As Kosovo Minorities Suffer
8/18: Infiltrators Kept LAPD In The Know
8/18: US Was 'Motivated To Believe The Worst' To Justify Kosovo Bombing
8/17: Grief, Outrage in Colombia After Army Troops Shoot, Kill Six Kids
8/17: Nader Picks a Milder Shade of Green
8/17: Scientists Fear Nuclear Meltdown On Seabed
8/16: Colombian Human Rights Groups Reject US Funding And 'Plan Colombia'
8/16: Watch Out, The LAPD Could Get A Bad Reputation
8/16: As Clinton Spoke Words Of Hope, The Riot Police Swung Into Action
8/15: Like His Father, Jesse Jackson Jr. Raises Voice for the Left
8/15: UN To Crack Down As Pirate Boats Threaten To Drive Fish To Extinction
8/14: US and Britain Resume Iraqi Bombing; Civilian Sites Hit
8/14: Skybox Envy As Wealthy Arrive For DNC's Infomercial
8/13: Companies Join Big-Donor List for 'Gaudy As The GOP ' Democrats
8/13: PETA Activist Drops Manure at DNC Hotel
8/13: Lost U.S. Nuclear Bomb to Affect 'Star Wars' Talks in Greenland
8/12: Democrats Worry About Nader Factor
8/12: Corporations Will Pick Up Democratic Tabs At LA Galas
8/12: Cheney's Dallas Company Giving Him $20 Million Retirement Package
8/12: Judge Bars LAPD From Preempting Protest Activities
8/12: Czech Police and Army Get Ready for Protests at I.M.F. World Bank Meeting
8/11: Nader Slams Rivals for Consumer Rights Record
8/11: In L.A., Protesters Determined to Be Heard
8/10: Colombia Ultra-Right Warlord Talks of U.S. Covert Ops
8/10: PLO Says U.S. Offered Arafat $30 Billion Fund
8/10: Hanford Air Tainted At Higher Levels; Samples after fire show plutonium and now strontium-90 in greater amounts
8/9: Lieberman: Big Donations From Big Businesses
8/9: New Study: Nixon 'Wrecked Early Peace In Vietnam'
8/8: Cluster Bombs: The Hidden Toll
8/7: Europe's Vacation Season Only A Dream For Most Americans
8/7: Greenpeace USA & Ozone Action Attempt A Merger
8/6: U.S. Training Colombia's 2nd Drug Battalion
8/6: US Deprives Black Farmers Of Last Hope
8/5: A-Bomb Survivor Tells Of Torments, Appeals For Peace
8/4: Cheney's Firm Backed Bill To Limit Asbestos Liability
8/4: For Some, GOP Party Was Just Too Grand
8/3: 17 'Wonder Bread' Bakery Workers Awarded $120 Million In Discrimination Case
8/3: U.S. Seeking A Way Around Greenhouse Reduction Rules
8/2: Demonstrators Nearly Steal the Spotlight at Convention
8/2: The Few, the Rich, the Rewarded Donate the Bulk of G.O.P. Gifts
8/2: Colombian Rebels Warn Against Use Of US Helicopters
8/1: China Keeping Its Executioners Busy
8/1: Alternative Media Labors To Get Message Out Of Philadelphia
8/1: Wellstone Addresses Shadow Convention



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