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Scottie & Me - White House Briefing - September 16, 2003
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 Scottie & Me
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Published on Tuesday, September 16, 2003 by
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Scottie & Me
(formerly known as Ari & I)
White House Press Briefing with Scott McClellan
Tuesday, September 16, 2003 - 12:45 PM
by Russell Mokhiber

Mokhiber: On the Robert Novak-Joseph Wilson situation, Novak reported earlier this year -- quoting -- "anonymous government sources" telling him that Wilson's wife was a CIA operative. Now, this is apparently a federal offense, to burn the cover a CIA operative. Wilson now believes that the person who did this was Karl Rove. He's quoted from a speech last month as saying, "At the end of the day, it's of keen interest to me to see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs." Did Karl Rove tell that --

Scott McClellan: I haven't heard that. That's just totally ridiculous. But we've already addressed this issue. If I could find out who anonymous people were, I would. I just said, it's totally ridiculous.

Mokhiber: But did Karl Rove do it?

Scott McClellan: I said, it's totally ridiculous.

Mokhiber: I have a second question.

The second question is, a report yesterday from Center for Science in the Public Interest says children in America are getting fat. Obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled in teens over the last two decades. They blame it on junk food in schools. Kids are taking in 30 pounds of sugar from soda every year now. They say they're eating a lot of Hostess Ho-Hos out of the vending machines. They want to ban junk food from the schools. Does the President agree with that proposal?

Scott McClellan: We are working on a number of fronts to improve the health of the American people. I mean, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Agriculture are working on those efforts. And obviously, individual school districts make decisions about their schools. But there are a number of fronts in the President's initiative to improve physical fitness.

Mokhiber: But what about that specific proposal?

(Scott moves on)



-Thanks to Russell Mokhiber

White House reporter Russell Mokhiber is the editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Corporate Crime Reporter - He co-authors the weekly Focus on the Corporation column with Robert Weissman which Common Dreams publishes. He can be reached at:


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