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Pipeline Bursts in LA Neighborhood Spewing Thousands of Gallons of Crude

'Geyser' of oil coats half mile area

- Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Clean up of the crude oil spill in the Atwater Village neighborhood on Thursday. (Photo: LA Fire Department)

Thousands of gallons of crude oil spewed into the streets of a Los Angeles area neighborhood on Thursday following the rupture of an above ground pipeline, according to the LA Fire Department.

The crude shot up 20 feet into the air and covered a roughly half-mile area in Atwater Village, according to Fire Capt. Jaime Moore.

The area of the burst pipeline. (Google Maps)The oil was reportedly "knee deep" in some areas.

The LAFD has updated its estimate of the amount of crude spilled, now stating it's 10,000 gallons.

Two women were taken to a hospital.

Wire services report that the pipeline runs from Bakersfield, California to Texas, and, according to KPCC, is owned by Plains All American.