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3.2 Million Go Hungry as Wave of Violence Grips South Sudan

One third of population in acute need of food says UN official

- Common Dreams staff

Displaced people carry water containers on their heads at Tomping camp near South Sudan's capital Juba January 7, 2014. REUTERS/James Akena Approximately 3.7 million people — one third of South Sudan's population — are in acute need of food aid as a direct result of the fresh wave of violence set off in mid December.

This is according to the UN's humanitarian coordinator in South Sudan Toby Lanzer, who told the BBC, "Largely because markets have been disrupted, people have been living under extreme duress, people aren't able to move as they normally would."

"Nobody in mid-December... could have foreseen the scale of the emergency that now faces us," he added.

Since mid-December, civil conflict between rival millitary camps has killed thousands of people and displaced nearly 1 million.