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Progress, But 'No Arrest' in Boston Bombing Case

Conflicting reports about status of investigation and whether or not a suspect is, or is not, in custody

- Jon Queally, staff writer

Reports suggest law enforcement have made an arrest in connection with Monday's bombing in Boston.(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Developing.... Check back for updates...

Media reports and twitter were buzzing early Wednesday afternoon about the possibility that law enforcement officials had made a 'significant' arrest in relation to Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Whereas some outlets were reporting an arrest had already been made, others were reporting that their sources were refuting those claims and saying 'no suspect' was in custody.

An official press briefing by the FBI and other law enforcement was scheduled for 5 PM (EST), though it was subsequently postponed.

At 1:42 PM (EST) the Associated Press tweeted:

But CBS News subsequently tweeted:

At 2:35 PM (EST) the Boston Police Department tweeted:

A source to the Boston Globe told the newspaper that the break in the investigation occurred "because of images captured on video surveillance tape from the second bombing site."

And The New York Times reports:

Investigators have found video of a man who they believe may have planted the deadly bombs at the Boston Marathon, a person briefed on the matter said Wednesday, saying that they had pinpointed the image on video that was captured shortly before the blast.

The possible break in the case came as investigators pored over scores of videos and photographs that they solicited from surveillance cameras from nearby businesses, smartphone wielding marathon spectators and television crews who were there filming the Boston Marathon when the deadly blasts went off on Monday near the finish line. The revelation of the video was the first sign that the authorities might be moving closer to discovering who was behind the attacks, which killed three people and injured more than 170.

And from Twitter:



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