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Egypt: Thousands Protest over Constitutional Referendum

'I am the oppressed people. I want my rights, and I want to live with dignity.' (Photo: flickr user Zadokite)Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Cairo in new rallies for and against a controversial referendum backed by embattled Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Thousands of Morsi’s supporters gathered at a mosque three miles from the presidential palace after busing in demonstrators from across the country. Meanwhile, thousands of protesters gathered outside the presidential palace to oppose Morsi and the planned referendum.

In a potential nod to the opposition, Egypt’s government now says the vote will take place on Saturday as well as one week later. Egypt’s main opposition leaders meanwhile are now urging their supporters to vote "no" in the referendum instead of boycotting it.  

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In Cairo, Egyptian Protesters Continue Revolution’s Legacy in Challenging Morsi’s Referendum
Sharif Abdel Kouddous reports from the streets of Cairo: