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Watchdog: Storm Released 'Staggering' Amount of Pollution into Hudson

“The toxic legacy from this storm will continue"

- Common Dreams staff

Flooding due to Hurricane Sandy has released "unprecedented" pollution of the Hudson River, watchdog organization Riverkeeper warns on Tuesday, as the effects of the "superstorm" continue to unfold.

photo: Riverkeeper The storm surge from Sandy caused flood levels to the river in New York, and allowed pollution from various contaminants from industrial and residential sites, fuels from boats and cars, subways and sewage overflows to be released into the river, the group says.

"This is like an Exxon Valdez spill from nonpoint sources,” Capt. John Lipscomb, who weathered the storm aboard Riverkeeper’s patrol boat, the R. Ian Fletcher said. “The amount of pollution released by this storm is staggering. Instead of it being one product like crude oil, it’s a thousand different products and floatables, and instead of being from one source like a tanker, it’s from a thousand different locations.”

“The toxic legacy from this storm will continue," warns Lipscomb.


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