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'Take the Flour Back': Activists Mobilize to 'Decontaminate' GM Wheat Field

- Common Dreams staff

UK environmentalists against the use of genetically modified (GM) crops have organized under the banner "Take the Flour Back" to organize direct action against GM wheat.

Still from Take the Flour Back video seen below Take the Flour Back has planned a day of "decontamination" for May 27th to rid a Rothamsted field of the GM wheat planted by scientists at Rothamsted Research. The announced action has prompted the scientists to issue a plea, in video (see below) and writing asking that the activists come on their day of action not to "decontaminate" the site but to have a talk with the biologists.

While the scientists say their wheat has the potential to curb pesticide use by repelling aphids, on its website Take the Flour Back writes, "There is no market for GM wheat anywhere in the world."  Lucy Harrap from Take the Flour Back told the BBC:  "So far, the evidence doesn't indicate that GM fields need less pesticide - in fact they tend to need more."

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Take the Flour Back

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Appeal from Rothamsted Research

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