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Speculation Continues Over Possible Kucinich Run in Washington State

- Common Dreams staff

Rep. Dennis Kucinich's political future is still uncertain after losing Tuesday to Rep. Marcy Kaptur for Ohio's newly created 9th district. Many are still speculating whether Kucinich will run for a vacant congressional seat in Washington state.

(photo: House Committee on Education and the Workforce Democrats) The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Kucinich did not give an answer about a possible run for office in Washington state at a news conference at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport earlier this morning:

Kucinich sidestepped repeated questions about his future, including queries about whether he would seek a congressional seat in Washington state.

More speculation about a Washington state run came from Andy Juniewicz, Kucinich’s spokesman and longtime political strategist. Politico reported yesterday:

In an interview with POLITICO last week, Andy Juniewicz, Kucinich’s spokesman and longtime political strategist, repeatedly declined to rule out the possibility of Kucinich waging a 2012 congressional bid in Washington state, which has three vacant, Democratic-leaning seats and where the congressman made forays last year before ultimately deciding to run in Ohio.

* * *

The Nation's John Nichols spoke with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! this morning about Kaptur's win over Kucinich and the possibility of a Kucinich congressional seat in the Seattle area:

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