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Occupy Wall Street Movement is Twice as Popular as the Tea Party: Time Poll

by Aliyah Shahid

In the protest movement popularity contest, Occupy Wall Street is whooping the Tea Party.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, right, is more popular than the Tea Party, according to a poll released Thursday. (Justin Sullivan/Getty; Kevin Hagen for News) The demonstrations against big banks has a 54% favorability rating compared to the conservative group's 27%, according to a new Time magazine poll.

A sizable number - 23% - said they didn't know enough about the Wall St. protesters to make a decision.

In contrast, 23% said they had a negative opinion of Occupy Wall Street compared to 65% who said the Tea Party's influence has been negative or negligible.

The new numbers come as Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered demonstrations - who have been stationed at Zuccotti Park for the past three weeks - to temporarily vacate on Friday so the area can be cleaned.

Since the protests against big banks began in cities around the country weeks ago, many pundits and commentators have drawn comparisons between the two movements.

They argue both are grassroots initiatives fueled by anti-establishment anger - the difference being that Tea Partiers focus their antipathy on the government, and the Occupiers on big banks.

The Tea Party Patriots, the nation's largest Tea Party organization, blasted the comparison earlier this week.

Tea Partiers are "not lawbreakers, they don't hate the police, they don't even litter. A quick glance at the TV reveals the sharp contrast posed by the Wall St. occupiers," the group said in a statement.

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