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Bailiffs Move to End Vestas Wind Turbine Factory Protest

Six workers still occupying Vestas plant on Isle of Wight served with warrant giving them 24 hours to leave

Bailiffs served papers today on workers occupying a wind turbine factory in moves to end the long-running protest.

The warrant, which bailiffs taped to a window facing into the building, gave the workers 24 hours' notice to leave and set an eviction deadline of noon tomorrow.

One of the six remaining occupiers, Ian Terry, said: "They had stuck it up nicely in a place we could see."

Vestas Wind Systems obtained a repossession order on Tuesday from a county court on the Isle of Wight more than two weeks after employees barricaded themselves into the plant at Newport.

The site was due to close last week, with the loss of 625 jobs, because of falling demand for wind turbines, but that has been delayed because of the protest.

Police officers were on duty today outside the factory, which is surrounded by a metal fence. A climate camp has been established on a nearby roundabout, attracting support from scores of demonstrators.

Four of the workers left the factory on Tuesday shortly after the court order was granted, leaving six men inside the building continuing the campaign to save their jobs.

The workers were described as "heroes" by Bob Crow, the general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, which has been supporting the protest.

A protest will be held tonight outside the Department of Energy and Climate Change in London, with speakers including the Labour MP Michael Meacher, Jenny Jones, a Green party member of the Greater London Authority, and Phil Thornhill from the Campaign against Climate Change.

Thornhill said: "Just when we need a huge expansion in renewable energy they are closing down the largest wind turbine factory in the UK.

"The government has spent billions bailing out the banks, and £2.3bn in loan guarantees to support the UK car industry - they can and should step in to save the infrastructure we are really going to need to prevent a climate catastrophe."

He said the workers' actions had put the government on the spot over whether it could match rhetoric with real action on green jobs.

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