Further for 2014-03-31

Monday, March 31, 2014
Rich White Guy Rapes His Kids But Does No Time Because
This happened: Robert Richards IV, an unemployed heir to the du Pont chemical fortune who lives supported by a trust fund in a $1.8 million mansion, was given probation by a Delaware judge who...
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Really, Guys?
Tell us again what century this is. The election of Anne Hidalgo as - yes: the first female - mayor of Paris was greeted with this graphic on MSNBC and a host of other wow-the-first-ever-girl!...
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Kissing the Zionist Ring: Sheldon Adelson Considers Who To Buy for the Next Election
Surely this weekend's most skeevy spectacle was the unseemly parade of GOP presidential hopefuls trooping to Las Vegas to scrape and pander before 80-year-old Israel supporter, crackpot kingmaker and...
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