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Brave Austin Police Arrest Dangerous Young Jogger For Crossing Street While Listening to Music, Then Say She Should Be Grateful They Didn't Rape Her

by Abby Zimet

So this happened: Austin police handcuffed, arrested and, with the help of burly reenforcements called in for the deadly assignment, threw into a patrol car Amanda Jo Stephen, 24, pleading and screaming all the while she “didn’t do anything wrong," after she jaywalked while jogging with earbuds in, thus failing to hear them demand her I.D., which in any case she didn't have because she'd gone out jogging not planning to be arrested by cops working on “pedestrian enforcement,” aka with not enough to do. After video of the arrest surfaced, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo declared Stephen "lucky" he wasn’t the arresting officer, "because I wouldn’t have been as generous. … In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy (here)." He later apologized that he was trying to "place the arrest into context" but used "a poor analogy." In the it-could-be- worse department: Imagine if this was any other city in Texas, and Stephen was black.