Further for 2014-02-24

Monday, February 24, 2014
The Ultimate Not In His Backyard: CEO of ExxonMobil, Biggest Owner of and Cheerleader For Fracking, Joins Lawsuit Against Fracking Tower Near His Ranch
In what has been dubbed an act of "exquisite hypocrisy," Rex Tillerson, the $40.3-million-a-year head of ExxonMobil - former oil giant and current biggest natural gas producer in the U.S. thanks to...
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Brave Austin Police Arrest Dangerous Young Jogger For Crossing Street While Listening to Music, Then Say She Should Be Grateful They Didn't Rape Her
So this happened: Austin police handcuffed, arrested and dragged into a patrol car Amanda Jo Stephen - who was all the while pleading and screaming she “didn’t do anything wrong" - after she...
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Scott Walker Dodges, Slips, Falls Into Own Slime, On Fox News Yet
In the wake of last week's release of 27,000 damning pages of emails from former aides under investigation for being liars, cheaters, grifters and out-and-out bigots, Scott Walker has stuck to the "...
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