Further for 2014-02-21

Friday, February 21, 2014
Nakba in the Negev: Oh To Be A Dead Jewish Dog
In a rare concession, Israel has scrapped its plan to forcibly relocate 40,000 Bedouin citizens from their unrecognized villages in the Negev to state-planned townships - shades of South Africa - as...
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No Equality, No Pie
Arguing their action is "not about discrimination, (but) preventing discrimination against people who are living out their faith," the ever-wingnutty legislators of Arizona this week passed an...
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Thank God: A Blood-Stained, Man's Man Jesus Is Coming and Toting An AR-15 Assault Rifle, Just Like the Bible Told Him To
Our woe-begotten world got you down? Not to worry, peeps. Soon Jesus is coming back, as a warrior on a white horse, leading a mighty army, carrying a NOT-METAPHORICAL "sword," which is in fact an AR-...
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