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LAPD (Hearts) Israeli Drones

by Abby Zimet

Arguing that “as civilized nations, we are all confronted with the same enemy," high-ranking counter-terrorism LAPD officers recently toured Israeli security and cyber intelligence firms, drone manufacturers, surveillance centers and a Big Data Intelligence Conference to check out the latest abuse-prone toys that might help them spy even more effectively on their (often dark-skinned) residents. Because nothing says peace and security like modeling your already highly militarized, fusion-center-rich, profiling-happy, 24/7 local policing efforts on a security state that boasts hand-held surveillance devices, a highly sophisticated "safe city" kept that way with an underground control center receiving livestreams from 1,000 cameras with audio analysis and license plate recognition capability, and a culture where surveillance, cyber-warfare and other forms of information-gathering on a potentially troublesome population, all without the pesky requirement of probable cause, is "more socially acceptable."


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