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The Can Kicks Back: Astroturf Youth Group Fighting Reckless Spending Is Going Broke

by Abby Zimet

Irony Alert: An astroturf "milennial" group affiliated with "Fix the Debt," touted as "a voice for our generation" nobly fighting "reckless spending" and funded by a few slimy deficit-obsessed billionaires whose idea of “fiscal sanity” is cutting Social Security and Medicare, has almost gone broke. Leaked internal documents from "The Can Kicks Back" show a group funded by rich old white guys is struggling to survive and thus prove it's not a group funded buy rich old white guys.

Also: For anyone wondering if these rich old white guys ever learn anything from their misguided history, an update from Tom 'Kristallnacht' Perkins, who's now saying the rich should get more votes and what they worry about is economic extinction. Devoutly to be wished.


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