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The Best Gay Bar Ever!

by Abby Zimet

While we remain deeply ambivalent about the often idiotic online world in which we (often) spend way too much time, we must applaud its excellence at one thing: trolling. So it is that the f*ggots, freaks, blacks, trash, Jews, Muslims, Chicanos, Democrats, girlie men, wheel-chair-bound, food-stamp-dependent and other undesirables that Gary James has declared unwelcome in his fine Enid, Oklahoma restaurant - motto: "Where the Great Whites Gather" - have flocked to the pages of Yelp and Facebook to spread the glad word about "Gary's gay bar...the best place ever for hot man sex!" He has, it's true, some critics. Most reviews say the food is terrible, one complains Gary's Bette Davis impression is the worst he's seen, and another is "disappointed at the lack of comprehensive discrimination - where is the Eskimo hate?" But most praise the drag shows, the disco music, the "100 guys to every guy! Even the girls were guys!" and the tutu, pink mankini, "arseless chaps" and Gay Pride flag that Gary, admittedly not very subtly, usually wears. Riotous.

"My favorite part of this was how gay everything was. In fact, I'm certain gayness was born right here at this gay place. It is wonderfully gay. I give it two gay thumbs up."


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