Further for 2014-02-06

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Welcome to Sochi: Floorless Hotels, Dangerous Water, Missing Doorknobs, Stray Dogs Dead Or Alive, But Surveillance Cameras Show the Showers Work Fine
Never mind the homophobic laws, rampant corruption, drone surveillance, reported killing of stray dogs and $51 billion pricetag. The word out of Sochi from newly arrived journalists is alternately...
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Matt Damon's a Good Egg
In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session Thursday, actor Matt Damon shared his thoughts on topics ranging from ice cream to how lack of access to clean water and sanitation kills millions of kids each...
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Daylight Mistakenly Makes Its Way Into the Koch Empire
Oops. Somebody let the dogs out. At last week's annual, private, media-barred Palm Springs conclave of rich conservative donors eager to help the Koch Brothers stop the rabid left's "assault on...
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