Further for 2014-01-28

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Imagine: Guns Into Guitars
Because gun violence remains a big ugly factor in the state of our union, gun control groups have released a new video report and launched a campaign to ban gun sales from social media. Mexican...
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The Price of the (Exceedingly Corrupt) Olympics
The upcoming Sochi Olympics, reportedly the most expensive Games in history, will cost at least $51 billion - more than all previous 21 Winter Olympics combined, and 400% higher than originally...
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Rich Jerk Still Thinks Poor Demonized 1% Are Just Like the 6 Million Jews Slaughtered By Nazis
Having horrified most of humanity with his deranged WSJ rant equating Occupy protesters and the "rising tide of hatred of the successful one percent" with Nazis, billionaire vulture capitalist Tom...
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Nobody Living Can Make Me Turn Back: Rest in Peace
It had to happen. Still, it's hard to imagine a world without the indomitable Pete Seeger. His death at 94, peacefully at home, leaves a gaping hole. Tom Morello: "Absolutely the best that humans can...
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