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We Are Bad People: Missouri Bar Owner's' Epic, In Your Face, $6 Response To Starbucks' Cease and Desist Threat

by Abby Zimet

Kudos to Jeff Briton, owner of Cottleville, Mo.'s Exit 6 Brewpub - home of "no compromise brewing," with 70 craft beers, 5 made in-house, "no crap on tap" and daily specials like Iced Oatmeal Cookie, Vanilla Cream Ale and, now, The F Word - for his supremely snarky letter to Starbucks after the behemoth that last year made $14.9 billion wrote to complain that the bar's “Frappiccino” ale differed by just one letter from Starbucks' "Frappucino" trademark that has "achieved incontestable status" and thus required the aforementioned brewpub to cease and desist all use of the term so as not to cause "confusion, mistake or deception among consumers." Briton's response, including his generous offer to reimburse the six bucks he made from selling what he graciously henceforth said would be known, to avoid further lawsuits, as "The F word," is incomparable.




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