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Round Dance No More: Mall of America Marks New Year By Arresting Native-Americans

by Abby Zimet

Two Native-American women and Idle No More organizers seeking to stage a traditional round dance at Minnesota's Mall of America (sic) were arrested by security officials so threatened by the announced action they earlier checked baby strollers for drums. Officials at the mall, owned by the Canadian real estate, mining and petro-chemical giant Triple Five Group, had written a threatening letter banning the event as an unauthorized protest that would be "disruptive," but the women argued it was "a dance of friendship and peace" akin to a similar celebration held there last year that drew a thousand supporters - not to mention countless flash mobs and other cultural events the mall had inexplicably deemed acceptable. Given that the mall is built on sacred land, the arrests have not gone over well with many Native-Americans. Here's video of last year's event.


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