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Agh, The Gays Are Everywhere and Kissing and May Even Be Visible From the Tennis Courts

by Abby Zimet

Poor Orange County, California's bastion of right-wing, white-bread, moneyed suburbia - John Wayne Airport! - where the old guard is evidently losing the still-raging culture wars. It was bad enough when a Vietnamese-American (straight) doctor in Irvine put up a rainblow flag on her house and then, in response to angry threats and emails about the "fag flag", made her house look like this for the season of grace because "I don't do bully." Now two guys will get married on an AIDS Healthcare Foundation float during the New Year's Day Rose Parade, a first-ever event that has prompted panicked boycott calls, Facebook blasts, demented laments that a venerable event that at its birth was "about God’s creation of flowers and fauna” has turned "against God’s natural design," and feverish warnings to parents that the parade is "not for family viewing" given the violence it will do to their tender children and the "risk (of) exposing (them to) a sinful lifestyle." Yeah, just let 'em watch blood-and-guts football.

"The problem is going to be the wedding kiss.” - right-wing critic explaining why a gay marriage is objectionable.