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Mistaken: On the Killing of People Who Appear To Be Suspected Of Being Linked to Bad Guys

by Abby Zimet

Amidst growing opposition to the disastrous U.S. drone campaign in Yemen after a bloody strike killed 17 members of a wedding party - the Yemen Parliament's vote to demand an end to the campaign, consensus by activists and foreign policy experts on its deadly inefficacy, furious protests by Yemenis reflecting "the tone of the streets" - most U.S. media coverage continues to turn a bland, blind eye to the carnage. Perhaps worst, notes FAIR, is the New York Times, which has a pattern of it: Listen to their carefully bloodless, slippery language. Then hear Charles Pierce in his far more appropriate fury.

"Most of the dead appeared to be people suspected of being militants linked to Al Qaeda, according to tribal leaders in the area, but there were also reports that several civilians had been killed." - NY Times

"Intent follows the bullet. There is no such thing as a 'mistaken' killing in the kind of war we are making in places like Yemen. There are merely killings we don't give a fuck whether we commit or not." - Charles Pierce



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