Further for 2013-12-12

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Gitmo "A Prison That Should Never Have Been Opened," Says the General Who Opened It
After so many years of so much abuse, Maj. Gen. Michael Lehnert, USMC, the first commander of the hellhole that is Guantánamo, says the prison's "entire detention and interrogation strategy was wrong...
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Fox' Historical Verifiable Facts: Santa Just Is White, And So Was Jesus, Because We Say So, Being Unable to Imagine An Alternative
Listen up, godless and well-tanned heathens waging your unholy war on Christmas: Megyn Kelly has a few words for you. Last night the Fox host dismissed the "ridiculous" notion that it might be racist...
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The Art of Resistance, In the Selective Eye of the Beholder
Happily, the press recently discovered an extraordinary garden created from empty tear gas canisters in the West Bank village of Bil’in, site of weekly protests against the Apartheid Wall. Unhappily...
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Michigan Women Will Have to Buy Rape Insurance To Get Abortion, a.k.a. That Gruesome Service
In another surreal step in the ongoing GOP war on women, Michigan legislators have passed a bill requiring women to buy a separate insurance rider to cover abortion, just in case they are one day...
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