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Sh** Happens: The iPotty

by Abby Zimet

Amidst tough competition, the winner of the 2013 TOADY (Toys Oppressive and Destructive to Young Children) Award for the worst of the worst goes to the 2-In-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad by CTA Digital, which helpfully teaches your young ones they don't have to take their eyes off a screen for even the moment or three needed to tend to life's basic chores - ie: peeing or pooping. The iPotty handily beat the gender-stereotyping VIP Upgrade Membership by The Real Tooth Fairies, which creates hooker tooth fairies with 200 wardrobe changes, and various other monstrosities. Inexplicably, the iPotty has been received with some ambivalence by the buying public. Warning: The hilarity of Amazon reviews on this - including suggestions for a pizza holder, bidet app or how it's perfect for air travel - may cause reader to spit out his/her tea/coffee all over keyboard.



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