Further for 2013-12-09

Monday, December 9, 2013
Surveillance Is Theft: World's Leading Authors Protest NSA
Calling it "a stand for democracy in the digital age," 560 of the world's most renowned writers, including five Nobel prize winners, have signed a petition condemning state surveillance and urging...
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Stop and Kiss: NYPD Need to Chill
Mayor Bloomberg is defending his city's controversial stop-and-kiss program whereby the NYPD can kiss anyone - often black and Latino - they think looks suspicious. Great video from The Onion , which...
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On Netanyahu's Revisionism and Burying the Past Through Praise
As world leaders seeking absolution conspicuously mourn and praise Nelson Mandela, astute observers are increasingly calling out those whose own governments either did too little to get Mandela out...
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Ted Cruz To the Future In A Coloring Book: Like the Bible!
Finally, a Ted Cruz "non-partisan, fact-driven" coloring book from the folks who gave us T ea Party II: Why America Loves You " and other typo-ridden masterpieces. This fine work offers "his ideas...
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This Stock Has Collapsed: Warm Water Cancels Shrimp Season
For the first time in 35 years, marine fisheries officials have recommended shutting down the 2014 Northern shrimp season in the Gulf of Maine, where water temperatures are running 5 degrees warmer...
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