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The Hiroshima of Voting: Enough With the Hyperbolic Claptrap

by Abby Zimet

If you're feeling the need for a sorbet-like, palate-cleansing antidote to the hysterical wingnut claptrap about how the Democrats' long overdue, grossly inadequate insistence that simple majority rule might actually allow government to function is "total statist authoritarianism" (Limbaugh) and "one of the most lawless power grabs in U.S. history" (Hannity), check out an exasperated Jon Stewart on Turtle Man and his "obstructionist as#holes," or the ever-profane Rude Pundit on "the unbelievable dickheads" and "dishonorable scumf*uckers" who have reaped what they've sown. Good times.

"But, no, really, go ahead and pretend that you give a shit about anything. Please, motherfuckers, please. After filibustering hundreds of bills in Obama's first couple of years, after filibustering nominee after nominee for the last five, you have the stones to act like you're the aggrieved victims here?"


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