Further for 2013-11-06

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
"Unreasonable Force" In Chicago Evidently Does Not Mean A Probably Drunk Cop Killing An Unarmed Guy Lying On the Ground By Shooting Him 16 Times
Chicago prosecutors have announced that police officer Gildardo Sierra will not face any criminal charges in the June 2011 killing of Flint Farmer - even though video footage showed Farmer lying...
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On Lou, Love, Life, Death
A moving farewell to Lou Reed from Laurie Anderson - on "the person I loved the most in the world" and the 21 years "we tangled our minds and hearts together." From Rolling Stone. "I had gotten to...
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Coralville and Small-Town Democracy: 3, Koch Bros: 0
Small good news on the Kochtopus front, where an aggressive effort by Americans for Prosperity to swing local elections in a small Iowa town as part of a national move to lay the groundwork for 2014...
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Gore Porn: 'Cause Football and War and Blood and Go USA!
Northwestern University's football team will be psyched for its big upcoming game against Michigan by wearing fake-blood-spattered-flag-bedecked uniforms that read "Courage" and "Duty" to honor and...
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Their Mane Is the Thunder and Their Eyes Are the Stars
Wild horses and their advocates have won a reprieve after a federal appeals court in New Mexico issued an emergency injunction to halt the re-opening of horse slaughterhouses. Navajo and other...
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Tar Sands In Southern Maine: What $600,000 In Oil Industry Money and Scare Tactics Will Get You (Alas, Us)
In a heartbreaking, infuriating blow to the way life should be, South Portland's Waterfront Protection Ordinance - an ingenious effort to halt the potential flow of tar sands oil from Canada into...
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