Further for 2013-10-29

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
On The Availability of Guns and the Eagerness to Hate
At today's Senate hearing on Stand Your Ground, powerful testimony from two Florida mothers who lost their teenage sons - both black, unarmed and minding their own business - to angry white guys with...
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Westboro Mingle: Where Hate and Love Come Together
The new Westboro Mingle dating site lets you meet people who hate everything you hate - gays, Jews, books, Jamaicans - just the way God intended. From the group ShortsShowComedy.
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Drone Attack: My Daughter Does Not Have the Face Of A Terrorist, and Neither Did My Mother
Today Pakistani schoolteacher Rafiq Rehman will tell Congress about the day his family was picking okra in the family garden when a U.S. drone strike killed his 67-year-old mother, the village's only...
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