Further for 2013-10-28

Monday, October 28, 2013
Biking On Keystone
Normalization of Things We Shouldn't Have to Normalize Dept: Alongside the WSJ report that over 15 million Americans now live with a fracking well within a mile of their backyard - a story that,...
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Rape Is Not A Misdemeanor, Nor Is Cutting Grass Punishment For It
Women in Kenya are fighting back after one of too many rapes in a country where up to 8 of 10 females are victims of sexual violence. Over a million people have signed a petition demanding justice...
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Made For Rock and Roll: Now Walk On the Peaceful Side
Lou Reed, the great, dark, truth-telling poet of punk, has died at 71. Damn. Here are a couple of playlists of his most memorable songs, and the 1998 documentary Rock and Roll Heart . Peace. "There's...
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